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    They said, you're grades are dropping
    I said, I know, but you don't know why
    It's said that there's a reason for everything
    But the only reason for anything is...

    A while ago I was down,
    No one cared because I always looked high
    I tried to reach out but no one believed me
    I was alone with no one to hold on
    No one to catch me for when I fell

    And so I dropped, to the lowest I could
    I gave up on everything I knew
    The only thing left is Nothing
    The people I trusted the most, never cared
    And only because I was always the second best.

    And I'm not second best anymore,
    I'm last best and no one knows why.
    Sure, people go through this and they call it life
    But is it really normal?
    To have to deal with problems no one ever expected
    To exist in this world.

    This world that goes round and round,
    In the same circle for eternity,
    Literally, the same 3 circles of life.
    Round and round we go.

    Now, I ain't asking for anything
    I just want those who ignored me to know
    We all have problems, remember that.
    No mater how how hard you search,
    There's a reason You'll never find someone else's problems
    Because they spend their lives trying to hide them away.
    So all those that judge, can never touch you.

    Isn't it ironic? We hide our problems
    To save ourselves from more problems
    And all those that never seem to have problems
    Always have the worst problems.

    And guess what...
    The same thing is happening again,
    Just like before.
    I look highest but I'm always at the lowest
    And no one knows it.
    They think I act it.

    So someone help me
    Before I blow a gasket
    And when your final move
    Is that final cut, or a step forward
    Who cares?

    In he end why do we live?
    All these feuds we have,
    The drama that arises.
    I like to think that only the smartest
    See the world this way
    But maybe I'm just blind.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.