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******Warning: May trigger because of sexual content. Please be safe******

Last night i had this dream (or atleast i think its a dream) that has really confused me. First though i suppose i need to giv some background. I was hurt by a family member as a child for about 9 yrs. I'm still finding those things very hard to get over. Since then i've had alot of bad relationships but now am finally with a really nice guy who i trust alot and has been so supportive in helping me with my past. Nd he never pushes me into anything.

Anyway last night he stayed over at mine and he was sleeping in my bed with me (nothing unusual there). Anyway later in the night i remember waking up and not having my pjama top on (strange cos i deffinately had it on wen i went to sleep) and he was in bed next to me masturbating. I dont remember much more than that cos i think i went back to sleep. When i woke up i assumed it was a dream (he really isnt a guy that would do that sort of thing) but my head wont just let it go. When i woke up i didnt have my Pjama top on. This is weird cos i dont remeber takin it off altho i do sometimes take it off wen its warm (but usually remember). Also my underwear was inside out. They were just plain white panties so i suppose i could have put them on inside out after my bath but i dont think i did..... so i dont no wat to think. Surely i would remember it clearly if it did happen? I should remember if he undressed me... if it did happen is it a big deal?.. and i feel so bad for thinking these things about my boyfriend cos he is such a great guy but i just cant shake it...

anyone got any thoughts on this?
My opinion from what you've said is that it wasn't a dream, but thats my personal opinion. Maybe you should ask your boyfriend? i deffiantly would of remembered taking off my top in bed and im sure every other woman would as well, when asleep the brain is partly switched off, so details can be ignored or mis-lead, and you would not clearly remember if it did happen as your mind isn't functioning properly
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