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Strange dream

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I usually don't dream specifically anymore, but last night i did :) and it was kinda nice to dream again, but it was odd.

Somehow i was in this house like place, and there were loads of us, like a dozen maybe, all patients. (it's very fuzzy now) Anyhow, I didn't belong, I dont know if anyone did, but I was there, and somehow I just accepted it.(I get this feeling alot, where I just accept it because "more" is .. perhaps not something I should have?)
Anyhow, there were the standard supervisors and they just blended in, but there was this girl. And she was staring me down, and i cant remember how but she was concerning me somehow. I think she did a few more, odd things. Then the supervisors left and replacments came in. This is where it gets fuzzy again, i think i went to another room, and then she kinda came at me,(attacking, but sort of that crazy calm attack). I think she had sissors or something but I stopped her, but in the end, I was the one who was declared nuts and the new shift thought i was the odd ball.

Now ok, fine i can guess parts of me are concerned about parts of me, but you know what. I hate that feeling. Being in containment and defined and misunderstood. It's such an irregular feeling for who I am, considering I dont believe anyone should or can have that sort of "control" or "opinion" over me, but in this dream, it was all there. Doesnt bother me really. Just a dream but, hell, i had a dream :) Ill take it, i just hope next time I remember me, instead of being that "me" in the dream.

Wait, maybe that "me" in the dream is how I feel in socitey? Or how I feel in life outside of my mind? Donno, maybe the girl was another part of me angry at myself for bringing her(that aspect) of me into that state and allowing it to get to that point, but the part of me that is in control is so unsure of who I am that it submitts to an authority for reasons of safety and security? Even when that level of safety and security is compromising to who I am. And when I express who I am, I am misunderstood even further?
Idk.. could be alot of things.

I had a dream :) That's so cool.:tongue:


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cool dream ! i have had some vivid dreams lately one of them i was made out of feathers and i didnt realise till the end when i looked back and saw the shape of a person cut out of a giant feather pillow ! Isnt it odd the way your brain starts to go walkabouts when your asleep !


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:) It is. tbh, i feel more then I see or create in my dreams. It's like at that level where my feelings manifiest into aspects maybe. Like feelings of who I am, and feelings about the world around me, and drawing from the specifics I can remember they form into this irregularity.

Wow.. you dreamt about being made out of feathers? :) I never dream about me, I don't see me in anyway shape or form. If i do dream, it's just about me being the presence and everything else being a real blurry lose structure.

I wouldn't faothm to guess what it means to embrace and join with something else like the pillow or feathers. Was it an upsetting dream?


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it wasnt upsetting but it was like i was running an assault course and at the end when i looked back i realised it was pointless because i was only made out of feathers LOL It is cool to dream tho especially if you dont usually have them or remember them!


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I dreamt i was communicating with a cat the other night and we had our own special language - it was telling me jokes and we were laughing - yes the cat was laughing too :unsure:


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Very interesting OP. I've had some dreams like that. It's very discouraging to be misunderstood and not to be listened to. To be powerless. You talk desperately, but no one believes you. It's like they're all against you. The kinds of dreams I have do not involve an authority. More, it's just everyone. Everyone says that I am wrong and I have no one to turn to that I trust.

But what about dreams where authority betrays you instead of just misunderstands you?

I had one dream where I was in a city park or something, at night. There were a small crowd of people. I saw Commander Data, from Star Trek. I immediately was drawn to him. He smiled at me ane said, "You don't need to be afraid." Then my memories of the dream fade and suddenly I am in a spaceship. I see other guys with me. We're all naked. In front of me a machine has grabbed a man and one of its arms has wrapped around his head and I hear a sucking sound. The man is dying and the machine is eating him. It reminds me of that scene I later saw in War of the Worlds when one of the tentacles grabs someone, except that it was smaller scale. Anyway, we're all then led away and put into a room. We're allowed to talk a while. We're all scared. It feels like some kind of competition is going to happen, but we don't know what it's. We find out when they give each of us a gun. The room is secured, there's no way out. Then one of us starts to shoot at the others. We're forced to shoot him so he stops. Then it happens again. And that's when we see what the game is. The aliens that're controlling this game are possessing one of us and shooting at the others. Then the rest of us are forced to kill that person. It goes on and on until the last man is standing; i don't recall if anyone was left standing. It was horrible, frightening, sickening, every evil word. Almost like a roman arena, except it was cold and it seemed to be some kind of test more than an event purely for fun.

At the end of the dream what remained more than anything else was how I had been betrayed by Data. He's a character I've always liked and trusted because he's not quite effeminate but rather in-between and very understanding and interested. It was terrible to be used by someone you trusted, somebody you would stand with in hard times. Used and discarded heartlessly.
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