Strange Strange Dream Last Night

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I had the weirdest dream last night. Its difficult to explain and my mind is still really really fuzzy. I cant even remember how it started, but the bulk of it was me flying backwards with another person, he was like a close friend, some sort of scholar/professor type, we were both on the run.

I was flying backwards, in what seemed to be some sort of warehouse, I was about 2 feet from the ceiling, probably 10 feet or more up in the air...we were zig zagging everywhere, and bats were attacking me from about 2 feet away...swooping down and attacking me. I kept trying to kick them, and by this I mean physically while I was in bed, I was actually raising my leg in the air and scared the shit out of me, and the people next door turned there lights on obviously wondering what the fuck was going on.

It was totally bizarre. It only stopped when this bat ran into a ceiling fan and got mashed up...then for some reason I woke up.

What the hell does this mean? My mind has been hazy lately, im hoping its just lack of exercise, or lack of a mental focus...I dont think im stimulated enough mentally. I need to get my mind of my problems and onto something else.

Im a bit worried about this.
I get dreams like that, where i physically hit out, ended up punching the wall a few times :angel:

Yeah it maybe down to lack of mentall focus, my mind aint focused and i've been getting alot of weird dreams lately. I'm not entirely sure what it means tho, proberbly nothing.



Yikes! That seems scary!

I remember having a nightmare in which I was attacked by a parrot. Then, last night, I had a nightmare in which I was attacked by a small, yet very vicious dog. Seems like these nightmares won't go away. :sad:
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