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    I am really where there is nothing to really say.

    I've spent countless hours thinking about it, and really, there is no reason I should not kill myself. Being no real penalties from it, it is just another action. The only difference is after it I exist no longer.

    Only failing it renders negative effects.

    It's kind of sad, I guess.

    Some people can't be helped though. It just doesn't matter, really.

    I would kill myself tonight to avoid tomorrow if I could. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything.

    Me staying alive, is just a "waste of life" anyway, as my family so colorfully says.

    Not to say it matters what they or anyone thinks. It just doesn't matter, and I just don't care anymore.

    I want there to be a place where I can go and just be killed.

    Only I could make a difference, and I either can't or don't want to. I don't know which. As if it was relevant.
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    You are not a waste to me and to many others...that is a good reason to stay...and your family sounds not listen to them...they obviously have their issues...please PM me and let me know what is going on...big hugs