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I dont know if this was a dream, but it just freaked me out. I was laying in my bed, basking in the bright yellow sun. the sun was in my head, it was beaming through my soul and energising my earth. the sun was my ex girlfriend. it initially took up a third of my brain. but then the sun drenched me so much it was practically who I was. I felt like the sun, all powerfull, energising the entire universe. but then I realised that I was so alone, anyone who uses me for enery and warmth didn't need to talk to me or ask how I was feeling. I was the sun. I was my ex girlfriend. what a lonely life that would be. Im really scared that this might be my future. am I turning into a woman? this really bothers me. Im thinking I should just stop looking at the sun. It burns inside me, as I turn to ash.

anyone know what Im talking about? does this mean I'm gay or something? weird.


"Why should you trouble yourself about the future? You do not even properly know about the present. Take care of the present; the future will take care of itself" ~ Ramana Maharshi

what a lonely life that would be. Im really scared that this might be my future. am I turning into a woman? this really bothers me. Im thinking I should just stop looking at the sun. It burns inside me, as I turn to ash


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You are lucky to have such vivid dreams and be able to recall them!! I don't have dreams but maybe 4 times a year. Consider yourself lucky! It is hard to interpret dreams. If you are really haunted/worried aboutthe meaning, I am sure a forum for dreamers exist.

The only thing I can add is that maybe the sun means you have some warmth or radience coming from yourself. Maybe this as what you have to offer ?? maybe it was a warning not to waste your warmth, power on the wrong ppl or wrong work.

I do not think you are weird or gay. Not at all. I think you are perfect indivdual that has dreams you've yet to understand.

YES, you should stop looking directly at the sun (common sense) it is bad for your eyes. TRUE.

My ex husband would dream that his family was at his mothers and a giant croc would come out of the river down from her house, go up the hill and try to get his grown sisters. When the croc missed the sisters, it got his mother. ----Maybe he felt bad that he was not there to save her. He would wake up then.

Try not to worry it. But, start a dream journal or voice msg in the night.



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your right about that, get the here and now sorted first and stop worrying. cheers, i'll explain more in my reply to TLA

TLA, thank you, I have only recently paid any attention to my dream side. I started dreaming properly (for want of a better expression) about a year ago and slowly but surely they are beginning to make sense. Since this happened I can slip off into the dream world almost at will. Its like coming alive, but knowing its just fantasy. you may be lucky not to dream, once you start it gets quite addictive. like a substitute for a lost spouse (though only in the mind). my concern about the dream is that it demands me to behave like the centre of attention. I never considered myself an attention seeker, I don't like the idea of the world revolving around me its scary. I would get crucified, again lol

The other side of me exists, its like a little nugget of reality, a rock or something. I call it jacey. no matter where my dreams take me I always land back there. cold and broken in the harsh reality of who i perceive I was/am. I want a real life, and the road seems long, forgetting this dream world would be like forgetting my future. If you see what I mean. But my future could well be the cold existence of trying to be real when everything Im attracted to makes me want to dream, but I know how unrealistic that would make me.

I sometimes dream Im a crocodile in heaven perving at all the kats, lol. Its an interesting thought about your bloke needing to save his sisters from the crocodiles. maybe I will see some more cool dreams, maybe the sun is my mother, at first glance, maybe its my father. I drift away and plan armegeddon.........
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