strangers in turmoil

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    Strangers in turmoil we are
    Our hearts bleed our emotions run wild
    Words fail to comfort
    Darkness threatens to take our lives

    One min you feel good appreciated u read something that made you blink twice and your heart skip a beat. You read it over and over not believing thinking cant it be me….

    The darkness steps up to the plate. You feel yourself crashing to the ground worthless rejected and alone.
    You felt there pain there cry for help you reached out but they failed to respond you tried again, thinking did I say something wrong are they ok what can I say what can I do.
    The darkness grabs you playing with your mind reason tries to stand strong. Don’t take it personal sometimes there is just no words you know.
    Darkness sweeps it aside. How else do you take it they were just polite tried to make you feel better you know you are no good worthless pathetic how could you ever help anybody you cant even help yourself!
    Best you get back in your cage you are damaged goods, you are just a 3 letter word a thousand miles away.
    Reason steps up one last time they are your friends they care they understand its good to talk they also hurt you understand its not you that sometimes there is no words.

    Darkness takes the stand it does not really matter you lose your mind your will to survive everything blurs and you pray that this will pass soon.
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    That was powerful writing see. i don't even know what to say. :hug: