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Strangled and almost raped...somehow I now feel different..............

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by MzLondon, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. MzLondon

    MzLondon New Member

    This is the 1st time I havent told my "friends" something as deep as this............This week Tues. August 28th I went to a local strip club that I normally go to on Tuesday Nights, this night however was very different. I was extremely intoxicated and because of this I decided to leave, I met a 23 year old guy outside of the club on the main road, he flagged a cab and he proceeded to go towards his house but I told him no lets just go to my house but he intervened and I just stopped trying to convince him. We pulled up in front of his building. I entered his apt. we said mayb 2 sentences before he jumped on top of me and tried to believe it or not...rape me! He asked me to take my clothes off I said no, he got up and turned the radio on full blast so no one could hear me scream, then he strangled me to the point I thought I wouldnt live, he would get up, notice I was still conscious and he would try again. Three times this occured, the 3rd time I bit the life ot of him. For some reason he stopped after that and proceeded to threaten to rob me and then he called the cops on me. I then used reverse psychology and persuaded him not to do so by telling him that "Police like to lock Black People under the jail" Believe it or not, he pretty much just started getting "soft" on me and said "Your right" I'm going to bring you home, He flagged down a cab and while we were in the taxi the 911 operator called him back and he claimed it was his nephew that made a prank call. We pulled up in front of my apt. and he came upstairs with me. I suppose I allowed this because I was still intoxicated through this whole ordeal. I then took a shower and he got undressed and laid down with me and we attempted to have sex and then he told me no when I actually wanted to at that point. The next morning, we actually did have sex and then we both left to go to work.
    Now, if your wondering what kind of story is this, it is a crazy one and I am marked I feel crazy lkike I need to speak to someone because I'm scared. For some reason I dont know why I did this after this guy almost killed me. I am still having problems swallowing and feel sick because my throat hurts and I dont even know this guys name. I cant believ this happened and I am officially out of my mind. I feel zoned out all day because of this, still tired from that night and it is Friday. I feel like I need to go to a therapist or psychologist. Because this has got to be the craziest thing to happen to me ever. And I've been through a lot any thoughts about my movements. I am scared because I also read I could've died or can still die from my strangulation injuries.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hello MzLondon, I really think you need to examined by a doctor or nurse if you're still have problems with your neck/throat. Please go now. What happened I think happened because you were so intoxicated but this guy had no right to try and rape you and strangle you. Perhaps go to the police too. Good luck.
  3. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose Member

    Hey MzLondon :)

    Your not crazy or out of your mind. You just had a veryyyy bad night and if anyone went through what YOU went through then they would be feeling the same way. You went to a club to have fun and that's perfectly normal! You had too much to drink and that's when you put up your guard which you seemed to do very well. You stopped an event that could have ended up to be way more worse. You stopped the rape that could have happened if you had gave in to him. But you proved you are much stronger than that! You stood up to him! Therefore he got the hint that you weren't completely wasted. You still had your thought process. So, I'm sure he was afraid you would be pressing charges on him for harassment. So he wanted to make up and possibly make things ok by being nice, polite, and like you said started to get soft on you. It's our nature to accept niceness. Maybe you had some interest in him before he tried to force you into doing something you didnt want to do. When anyone has the choice of the matter things change. When you felt like you were in control and you weren't being forced to do anything, maybe it was then that you realized you did like this guy. And you had been drinking so your thought process wasn't exactly clear. It wasn't stupid. You were scared, it was a long night, and maybe you just wanted it to end. But he is still out there and I'm pretty sure he is scared to death that you are going to call on him and report him. He is probaly hoping you were too intoxicated to remember. But you remember and therefore you need to report what he did and how he strangled you so it doesn't happen to anyone else. He need's help and he's not going to get in by going to clubs. And you need to get checked out to make sure your throat is in good condition! :) If you need anyone to talk to I'm just a message away <3
    Love Always, Emily Rose
  4. steve.

    steve. New Member

    wow, that is a pretty crazy story, i think it would be a good idea to talk to a therapist or psychologist about it so you can feel a bit better about what happened.
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