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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by tintin, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. tintin

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    wt is the point in lyf. i wake up go to college come home get verbal abuse coz i cnt cope wit fact i get raped every weekend. e is supposed t luk after me nd he jus teks advantage nd mny dad lets him i dnt no if tht is the wrse thing i jus wish all this was ova. i tel im to stop but e neva listens thn wen i gt pregnant coz ov im he frces me t av abortion i wa 14 for fuk sake!
    i tld my dad wen a wa 15 nd e dint even try stop it he stil meks me go to his house. has he any wonder y am so fcked up i try killin myself quite often but it neva fckin works i cut myself t punish myself 4 nt been strng enuf t stop im is it my fault? it fckin feels lyk it. nd my mum i sooo wish she wa stil ere she wud ov stopped all this thn myb i wudnt b searchin internet on ways t kil myself wud i?!?! nd the ppl at skwl sayin my mums death wa my fault callin me murderer jus coz am a ugly fckin bitch!
    yh it hurt a lot nd now i have no trust in ppl at all am i supposed t b able t?
    a jus wnna scream!!!!!!!!
    i jus wish i cud close my eyes one nyt nd not wake up!
    i just wnt this all to b ova. i just wnt my mum.
    sorry bout the rant guys x:sad:
  2. Sylar

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    this sounds horrible , for a girl your age getting through all that
    call the cops !!! NOW !!! I swear you have absolutly no reason not to call the cops and they'll put him in jail for life !!
    it's not you who should die it's that motherfucker , call the cops FFS!! you have nothing to fear
    and if I were you I would hate my father and not consider him so anymore , he's not your father cuz if he was he wouldn't let it happen

    PM me , I'm your friend you can count on me to support you
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