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Stress about school

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Im done. Im done with “school”. School is so dumb. I literally cannot understand anything about school even if I listen to the teachers. I don’t know if I am stupid or school doesn’t make sense. My family always pressures me saying “I need better grades” but I had to ghost the internet for weeks due to an incident that happened with my computer.

Literally I am so stressed about school I’ve been fidgeting and screaming out of anger because of my family about it. Just a few minutes ago, my grandma got up, got her shoe and threatened to “fuck me up” with it over this stupid shit. And my grandpa was over there laughing about my problems.

I wish I can just call a family member and tell them to come get me but I cant go on any social media platform anymore to talk to them. I cant do this anymore how am I supposed to learn and “get good grades” in a fucking abusive environment? Im sorry for the cussing im just so angry right now and stressed. About school. Im sorry…
It’s like all school is, is stress. My grandma yelled at me over my grades and I feel like a failure. Its like they expect me to “do it yourself” without them helping me when I can’t understand literally anything about school. School is just causing me just more depression and anxiety. That’s all it's doing. I'm just extremely stressed out right now and I feel stupid. Really stupid that I can't understand school. Ugh..
I'm just extremely stressed out right now and I feel stupid. Really stupid that I can't understand school
Please be gentle with yourself. Living with the violence and abuse that you're surrounded with is probably a big obstacle to your academic performance. Beyond that, academic performance is not a measure of your worth as a human being.

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