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stress? here::


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So, this past year was rough on me, i lost a lot of people at once,
my grandmother passed away the day before christmas eve (Dec. 23rd 2010)
the person who taught me to read music, passed away jan. 4th 2011, and my uncle, a few months after.
I missed 2 of these funerals, the one for my uncle, and the one for the person who taught me how to read music...because i was away with the military. (i happened to already be on vacation when my grandmother passed away)

I was thinking about how we handle these things...how do we handle so much stress at one time...it's a lot of pressure.
They are stressful times, and even one death is a lot to handle. it changes our lives immediately. These are people we care about, and it especially hurts when they are totally unexpected (My grandmothers was a heart atk, and nobody saw it coming.)
I have been thinking about this, and i realized everyone has a stress reliever, and that sometimes they are unhealthy, such as self harm.

some thing's i do to help calm down are to write, read, listen to music, walk, run, or go somewhere where i can be alone...
The real reason i am posting this though, is because i know in those times people feel alone, and I wanted to remind everyone that you are NOT alone...there are people going thru the exact same thing you are.
Never give up hope.

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Thanks hun your right it get so hard when one is under so much stress and it is important to reach out for help from people around us thanks for the great post


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So sorry to hear of your losses Justin. That is so much to cope with in such a small time frame.

Its good to hear from you though.


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