Stress, Stress, And More Stress..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Fleyy, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. Fleyy

    Fleyy Member

    I've been stressing so much, it's affecting my sleep and my appetite. I'm so depressed over my classes because I have a class where I might fail if the director of this group kind of thing kicks me out. I'll fail the stupid class because he blackmails me for no reason, snooping through my stuff and one of my exes are convincing him to kick me out. I'm also struggling to get back at my feet because the guy I used to like for 3 years (moved on after he did a d*** move), broke up with me. He told me he loved me and stuff and after three damn days, he breaks up with me and tells the most crappiest excuse on Earth, blaming it on my ex. It didn't really bother me because I knew it was coming, but the thing that pissed me off was when I found out he still liked this girl, and flirted with her during our relationship. This girl is my 'friend.' She likes to ruin my life by taking him in the first place, because him and I were really close until she sabotaged our relationship. She knows that we were dating yet she continued to flirt with him. She knew that I was hurt and acted like nothing happened. All of this is hurting me, I feel like I'm in a dark place, my 'squad'/ group of friends hate me because she influenced them to, the only one that I kinda have left is my best friend who does care about me, but doesn't try hard enough, but it's fine. I feel so horrible about myself, that I want to illegally drink and smoke to relieve myself.
  2. Petal

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    Hi Fleyy

    You have your best friend, the one who is always there for you no matter what, that is all you need. Your boyfriend did make a dick move you are right, he's an asswipe and not worth worry about. Try and keep your head above the water and stick with your best friend, she obviously likes you a lot. I hope things improve for you and if not we will be here for you! Hugs!

    Get yourself a massage and try and de-stress, don't drink alcohol it will make you feel worse (I talk from experience)!
  3. Fleyy

    Fleyy Member

    Thank you! I don't really care about the relationship part, but I'm being bullied by these guys and their getting on my nerves, one of them is kicking me out of a group, and if I fail that class, I'm screwed. :/
  4. sa-chan

    sa-chan Active Member

    Hello Fleyy

    I am sorry for you having to be in a situation this stressful to you. I think that no matter how stressful life gets
    it is always good if you find times, even short, that you can switch off and relax for a while. I don't mean just wait
    and expect things to become bright just like that but if you never take a break it is going to do more harm to you
    then if you did and if you never take breaks you will be worse at actually solving your issues. (I just said this in
    case you don't take breaks because I think it really means a lot when dealing with stress, but if you already do this
    yay and just ignore what I just wrote; just don't take it offensive because it really is not meant that way.)

    I wonder how realistic it is to not fail the class if you are being treated this badly by these people in your class?
    The reason I pose this question is not that I want to make you feel bad but I think it's something you should
    consider, if this class is that important, then is just hoping that it will somehow work might not work out.
    If this is the case I think you should make the next step and figure out how to go on with this bullying case.
    Most schools (except if you are living in a very conservative place) have some kind of kodex for dealing with

    I can understand that your situation is challenging. I think it would be like this for anyone and it is not a sign
    of weakness if you feel stressed out right now. However if you do the right things now things might actually
    turn out better than you expected they could.

    I wish you all the best.

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  5. Fleyy

    Fleyy Member

    Thank you so much, I'm still stressing over all the homework, and I just feel like I really want to die right now. I feel like no one cares, only like, 2 or 3 people care and it's so hard to do all this. I'm at school and I'm trying so hard not to tear up right now.. I just want to die.
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