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    So, where to begin...

    I have 3 months to get a job, raise $2000, and a place to live. After I find a full time job my mom says she'll let me drop out, but until then she wants me to do the work, I won't though, she can kiss my ass. Moving on, for a moment atleast, my period is screwing up, most likely because of my stress, but ovarie issues run in my family, both sides (mother and father). I went to the...gynocologist...(SP?)...a while back, and she said no cists but they might be some now, and of corse that worries me even more. Now back to my teen angst, my mom refuses to respect me, and never did respect me, and yet she demands respect FROM me. It took me YEARS to convince her that their was something wrong (mentally/emotionally) wrong with me, she finnaly took my to a psychiatrist...(SP?)...who diagnosed me with chronic depression and oppositional defiant disorder (along with my already diagnosed ADHD)...My mom knows about depression, she has it, and even though she had ADHD (you tend to grow out of it, though I have not) she doesn't seem to understand ADHD or ODD, she hasn't read anything on it, or if she has she hasn't shown it. She doesn't make an effort to understand me, or accept me, she stereotypes me like kids in highschool do, and sorry, but I'm past highschool, she doesn't deserve my respect, she never earned it from me and her age does not entitle her to respect. THEN theres her fiance, btw my COUSIN TOLD ME THEY WERE ENGAGED, not my mother, my cousin. I live in the same apartment as my mom and her fiance and they couldn't stop by my bedroom and just say "hey, btw were engaged." Instead I hear it from my 15 year old cousin. She says its because I seem like I don't care, and I don't care, its their life, does affect me. Mark, the guys name, he shows up 2 years ago, hes a wannabe singer, rockstar, christian rocker, whatever, I dont like his music, but whatever. My family loves him, but he can have them, he fits in better with them anyways.

    now, just to say, I do not think I am more mature than people in highschool, I'm just at a different level of immaturaty.
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    well i think if you feel so bad about your mother you should try to move on, try to make life easyer for you(realx and try it doesn`t affect you), and start saving to get something on your own OR you and your mother could both go to a psychiatrist to solve the problems you have with each other...
    but thats my opinion^^