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    Upcoming uni exams in a month's time. Only need 40% (ideally, to be sure) to get through to the second year. This year doesn't actually count towards my final degree, and I know that I can do it reasonably easily, but the worry of fecking up the exams is still there.

    Four modules, four exams:

    Philosophy: How To Argue
    Philosophy: Knowledge and Mind
    Europe Without Borders

    Philosophy HTA is bloody hard work, to be frank. 'Tis rather logicy, which I hate. Absolutely bloody hate. I've created a few notes for myself on what the difference is between Modus Ponens, Modus Tollens, Hypothetic / Disjunctive Syllogisms, Constructive Dilemma are.
    Doesn't help though, that I still haven't got my head around it, after two or so months of studying them.
    In the mock exam that I did over Easter, things haven't gone so well, from what I can see - hence this bout of both revision and stress.

    Philosophy KaM, I'm rather looking forward to. This is more what some would call 'real' philosophy - as the course suggests - talking about what is knowledge and mind. My exam will be on the 'Mind' element, as I did some coursework on Knowledge just before Christmas.

    German. Mixed bag with this one. The language I'm reasonably good at, the grammar (which will have its own specific bit, I hate).

    Europe Without Borders. European politics, basically. I don't like this course one little bit, but it's compulsory to be doing it with German, and I've created a few revision documents today for that. I'm not panicking over that. Yet.

    My scores have been pretty good so far - lowest was 59 (and that was an aggregate) of KaM assessments, but I think the marking was a tad biased. With everything else, I've been around the 65 or so mark during the final crunch (had a wobble with the previous mock exam for HTA - 27 [fail]. Got it up to 65 or so for the actual one though).

    Not sure why this stress has just hit me... 'Tis a bugger though. -le sigh-

    Anyways, rant over.
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    Good luck on your exams!! The Philosophy courses sound pretty interesting. The other two would have me confused in a matter of seconds!!
  3. White Dove

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    hey joe..

    i will put you on my prayer list that you pass with flying colors!

    love ya..

  4. Mightbehere

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    Sounds like political programing to me :dry:
    Your bound to be stressed about this since its your first set of exams. But obviously its a learning experience.
    Good Luck.
  5. Alais

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    Good luck with your exams. It's been 33 years since I've had exams, but I can still remember the stress. You'll get through it, though. It's sounds like you're a diligent one when it comes to studying. Afterwards, you'll wonder why you stressed so much. :biggrin:
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    Hey babe,

    You will do fine in the exams, I know you will. Hearing that probably doesn't help much though, so just remember I am always here for you if you need someone.

    Love you x
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    Even though logically you think there is nothing to be stressed out about, there can be parts of a person which go the other way. From the sounds of things, you will be more than fine.

    Best of luck on your exams.