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    i have to reduce my stress levels significantly in an attempt to stop the hallucinations. problem is i have no idea how to do that. all i seem to do is get in my own way at the minute. i'm really trying to calm it all down but its not easy with things that are going on at the minute. if i can stop the hallucinations on my own it would be fantastic! but i just can't do it with certain things making me more stressed. i know i might end up on meds if i can't do it and i really don't want to :(
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    Exercise, meditation, relaxing music and tea all help reduce stress. Have you tried incorporating one or a few of these techniques into your daily routine?

    This article has some great tips and techniques to reduce stress, and worth having a look at (if you haven't seen it already).

    Also, I hate to lecture you here, but you really should be taking medication for your hallucinations. I doubt that stress is the cause (although I'm no doctor), and if left alone they can manifest into something worse. Get it checked out dude, for your own sake.
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