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Stressed about the hurricane

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I am in the path of the hurricane. I am not close to the shore that I have to worry about my house being swept away, but I am definitely in its path. The eye may pass right over my town. I am very concerned.

I am afraid I will be without power for weeks. I dont' know how I will cope with my depression and suicidal feeling if I cannot talk to anyone. If I lose my power, I will lose both phone and internet,and I will not be able to call for help if something goes wrong.

I am on the second floor so I am hoping there will be no flooding, but I do not have a whole lot of preparation done. I have filled all the cups and glasses in my apartment with water in case I lose my water. But that will only last a few days. Also, I have little nonperishable food- I have a whole loaf of bread and a whole jar of peanut butter, plus about four or five cans of soup. I can always eat it cold if I have to- I have a non- electric can opener. I just hope I will be ok. There will be no way to call for help if I'm not. It's scary to live alone during a hurricane.

I will also be in trouble if my depression gets really bad. Not only wont I have the phone or internet to get in touch with people I wont have anything to do to distract myself. I won't have any tv to watch or internet to surf and I might not even be able to read with no lights. How will I Fight my depression?

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do you have a cell phone hun they will still work in a storm get a small music player that is run on batteries so you can listen to music There is even a radio and flashlight you wind up that is great for outdoors or in a storm no batteried needed . I hope the storm does not affect you too much hun hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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my sister is dropping off some canned food. I got a cell phone through safelink (its a cell phone provider for people in Medicaid) but I don't know how to activate it. I found the number to call, and I am charging the phone now. Then I'll call to activate it. I know they only give 60 minutes a month, but if its an emergency at least I can reach someone. My sister is also getting me a flashlight. Thank god.

So I hope I can weather it out. They say its a category two. I think Katrina was a category four, so hopefully it won't be that bad. Winds at 110 miles per hour right now, and it should start to reach me by Saturday afternoon. So I have a little time to get prepared.

Still real stressed especially about being out of touch. But hanging in there.


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Please follow the Emergency plan determined by your local municipality, including a flashlight, 3 days of water, 2 quarts per person, canned food and manual can opener, first aid kit, battery operated radio, 3-4 days worth of medication and emergency contacts...check on elderly and/or disabled...and know that where ever you are in the path of the storm, if indicated to evacuate, do so, if not, you may lose electricity, and be prepared...and only use emergency services for an emergency...I am a volunteer to several agencies, so I will assist in taking call and doing emergency administration; I will be checking on SF as I go through the evening, should there be problems in our local area...J


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I have filled all of the pots and pans and cups in my house with water as well as two gallon jugs, and my sister is bringing over another gallon of spring water. I have also read that you should fill your bathtub with water so that if the toilet doesn't' flush, you can pour a bucket of that water in and it will flush.

My sister is bringing over some more canned food. I have a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, three cans of soup, six cans of vegetables, and four full boxes of cereal and one that is half gone. Also two boxes of granola bars, one full. I should be getting a flashlight from my sister.

I have no cell phone and no radio, therefore, no way to contact anyone in an emergency, and I live alone, which worries me. If I lose power So I'll be riding this out in solitary confinement. If its truly an emergency, I might be able to go next door and see if they have a cell phone. The lack of communications is what worries me the most.

Trying not to freak out. Incidentally, I also have only a days worth of my antidepressent. I called the doctor to call it in three hours ago and so far he hasn't. I just called again and they said he'll get to it. I really hope he does. My doctor isnt' there and the other doctor is on call, and he is notoriously unreliable. Will keep calling every few hours.


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*&^()_%$ I hate my counseling center! I had the pharmacy fax the request to the doctor, I didn't hear back, I called the pharmacy, they didn't hear from them, I called the drs office, they said they hadn't gotten it, I had them fax it again and gave the number, they still said they hadn't gotten it, the pharmacy refused to fax again and called, they said they didnt' get the CALL! I told them to just call it in, they said "that's not our policy" and to fax it again. I yelled at them and said "They faxed it twice, I dont' want to be without my medication during a hurricane because you screwed up!" They said "We didn't screw up, the pharmacy screwed up" I said " I dont' care who screwed up, I need my medicine!" Finally they called it in. And of course, everyone yells at ME!!!!

AAAAGH!!! I can't take it. I am so stressed and upset right now,my heart is pounding. I have to calm down. I can't stand it.

At least I will have my medicine IF I can get my dad to pick it up. Gah!!!
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