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    Im so sick of school, I cant remember things and my teacher has horrible handwriting so I cant read his notes and I get distracted so easily and Apparently Im missing a boat load of assignments so my moms yelling at me and if my dad finds out Im totally screwed so now Im not allowed to go to my after school club which is literally the only thing I look foreward to when it comes to school activities, so now I have nothing and theres no way I can get all this work done and I really just want it all to stop. I can handle classwork easy but this homework is driving me up a wall since my ADD makes it really hard for me to concentrait and remember things and my teachers keep packing on the work!
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    Hi Rainai, I'm not really sure what to say but I hope things get easier for you, ask your teachers for some assistance in the difficulties you're having x
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    How old are you?

    I have the same problems, but I'm in highschool :tongue:.

    I have bad memory problems, and a host of undiagnosed mental 'fuck-ups'. And school is hard enough without other shit making it worse!

    Right now I'm really sucking bad in every lesson the teacher sets homework and I don't do it. Becuase either a) I completely forget, or b) I don't remember what the actual homework was or I just don't want to do it(different reasons for that).

    She was about to call home about me not doing my homework for like the 3rd time in a row, but she gave me a chance to do the stuff she set on that day. Well the next day I didn't actually go to school because everyone was sick, and I think she might have thought I just didn't want to come that day because of the homework....

    Maths is even worse.....same goes for Chemistry. As a result of the combination of bad memory and my crappy concentration abilities, I'll probly fail them. It gets to the point where I'm just looking at the teacher saying what ever and not actually taking it in. The easiest way to describe it is like reading a book and just looking at the pages. Or reading a page and not even remembering what the page was about once you finished it...

    Are you getting any help with the ADD?
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    17, Junior in high school
    Ive been working hard trying to get the work done so I dont get much sleep. As a training actress I can fake not feeling well extreamly realisticly though unfortunatly my parents caught on so I just go to school even if Im actually sick. ^_^'
    Chemistry is really hard, Im taking AP Biology though, I would never last in chemistry, to many numbers.
    Thanks for your support guys, Its nice to have peopleto talk to.
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    wish i could do something to help babes. You can talk to me anytime though, hope you know that. I still need to set out a time for me to be able to teach you the AP bio stuff that i know, and then with the rest of your stuff the only thing i can think of is i could text you every night and bug you about your work till you do it, but that even sounds super annoying, so i won't. Love you <3 and i'm here for you always
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    lol Thanks babes X3 not to much work tonight so Ill finally get some sleep (maybe)
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    I love you and am still here if you need me.
    Not that you'll accept my help, which hurts btw
    But I'm still here.