Stressed the fuck out!

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    So I found out there is a bill for $60,000 that got sent to the wrong insurance company the beginning of this year. With all the changing of insurance companies... I have to figure out who I was covered by, find out who sent the bill (my Dad has it), and then get it all configured. I'm guessing it will take about 5 million calls and many afternoons.

    I sent my letter out to the Department of Social Services for money. I forgot a fucking stamp. I never send out mail, so it didn't cross my mind until now. Now I'm fucked! I have to figure out if they got my paychecks. If not I have to try to go to the paychecks place again and get my pay for November soon or else I won't get the money I need.

    I have to pay $850 for drug and alcohol classes and I have been saving up. Then, ironically, right before my license suspension kicked in... my car died. Now I have to pay for whatever needs to be fixed, because I can't keep it there or I'll have to pay for that as well. This means I'm not going to have the $850, and will either have borrow it from my Dad, or more likely since he doesn't have it, ask for a pay-as-you-go kind of thing. But when I originally signed up I didn't ask for that, because I thought I could pay it. I'm just scared as FUCK that I'm going to get jail-time or something if I can't pay for these classes.

    Oh and not having a car makes getting all this very important stuff WAY easier to get done. I know that is my own fault but I'm just venting.
    I think that's it. But FUCK I AM STRESSED THE FUCK OUT!!!!
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    That really sux :hugtackles:
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    Spencer :hug: I hope things work out.
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    Thanks :hug:
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    spencer :hugtackles: if you want to chat PM me :hug: im just off to bed but will be around all tomorrow
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    thank you very much :wub:
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    i love you spencer :wub:
    you can do this..