Stressed to the max

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  1. xxLostHopexx

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    On Friday I have the Tribunal about my ESA dole claim
    Ive lost two appeals because I still share a house with my ex (who is basically my carer) as they claim we are still together
    My solicitor reckons we have a good case , but its still a worry ... ive had no money for over a year now

    Whats worrying me more than the money & their decision is having to attend the tribunal ... im sociophobic , so obviously the thought of being around people is terrifying me , im not eating , crying all the time , shaking , I cant sleep , im getting headaches all the time and im constantly thinking about having to go there , which causes panic attacks

    Today I found out I have to also attend a medical assessment on the 27th by an independant doctor ... I did explain to them my circumstances but despite my doctor sending them details of my case they still insist I go to them for the assessment

    So I cant relax after the tribunal like I thought id be able to , instead I know im going to carry on the way I am , petrified about being around people when I attend that

    Basically im a basket case , and theres nothing I can do about it.
    I feel like just giving up , but I cant as obviously I need money like everyone else

    Im trapped
  2. Sadeyes

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    Is there someone who can go with you so you do not feel so stressed? I know it is trite to say, try not to worry about this, but maybe there is also something you can do to distract yourself...hope you find some respite and continue to share with us how you are doing
  3. xxLostHopexx

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    After being virtually housebound with fear for over 14 years I dont have any friends left now , they all slowly drifted out of my life
    Steve , my ex , is my only friend , but he has to work and cant take time off

    It doesnt help that im going to have to get a taxi there and back , so i'll be trapped in a car with a stranger

    I wish I could take one of my dogs with me , they always calm me down , as it is I have a laminated pic of them that I focus on , it helps a little
  4. xxLostHopexx

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    Well , todays the day , i've got to be there for 3pm

    Im a lot calmer than I thought id be , im still shaking like a leaf , and havent slept at all , but im not crying and my head doesnt feel like theres a whirlwind going on in there

    Wish me luck
  5. windlepoons

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    Good luck.
    Remember we will be with you in spirit.
  6. Speedy

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    Hi there,

    I wish you the best of luck at the tribunal, and I'm with windlepoons....indeed, we are there with you in spirit. Take good care of yourself. :hug:

  7. xxLostHopexx

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    It was disallowed
    They say me and my ex are still together

    I just dont know where to go from here