Stressful Night

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    I went out last night and got drunk, ended up a little upset and had a fight with my best mate. She came home in a taxi with me and cried the whole way home and wouldnt talk to me. Then she goes up to her flat and I get a text "I'm sat here with a box of "blah" and "blah" Bye I love you." So I go up to her flat and spend about 10 minutes trying to convince her to let me in. FINALLY she does. I go in, make her a cup of tea, listen to her cry a bit and I think she's ok.
    Then she said she was going to get the pills that she had opened, so I could throw them away .. I followed her out to the kitchen and she was taking them all. She ended up lying on he front on the floor so that I couldn't make her spit them out, EVENTUALLY she spat some of them out for me but she had already swallowed some.
    After this she tells me that before she let me into the house she had already taken some ( :dry: ) So, to be on the safe side, I called her an ambulance. My Dad had to come and sit with her little boy while we went off in the ambulance.
    Got there about 3am. And they asked all the usual questions. Her Mum turned up and they did about an hour of crying together.
    My mate then decides that she is fine .. and no longer depressed .. and is going to discharge herself.
    I argued with her for about 40mins trying to get her to stay to have the blood tests that they were going to do at 6.
    I ended up leaving A and E at 5:20am :yawn:
    Stupid night :dry: Urgh I'm tired but don't think I can sleep cos I'm worried about her. She SWEARS she is okay now, and has given me the number of someone who has a spare key to her flat so that I feel more relaxed. I also took all the pills from her house with me when I left. Deep down I know she will be ok now .. but it's hard not to worry :sad:
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    Sam let yourself off the hook hun. You did all you could do to help her and more than most would of done in the same situation. She unfortunately has the final say in her stay at the hospital and whether she is "ok" or not. But you have the # for the spare key and your friend knows you arent about to let her do anything. I know you're worried but I'm pretty certain, given the info they received at the hospital, they wouldnt let her go if the dose was going to be fatal. Just keep reminding her that you are there for her and that maybe she should sit and have a long talk about what set her off so badly. You are an incredible friend Sam and she is very lucky to have you there to care about her.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend and about you having a stressful night. I hope she fully recovers.
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    Thanks guys.

    Just called her and she sounds much better this morning

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    Glad to hear it and must be a relief for you. Just remember, you stayed and help and showed what a good friend you are. Now try and have a talk about it when your friend seems strong enough to handle such a conversation. I think it will do good for both of you. The crisis is over for now, so it's time to pick up the pieces and move forward.