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    My apologies for having been quite absent lately.

    My mother told me, just two days ago that her husband (My stepdad) Is bearer of this gen, that can cause heart failure, Heart stops and it's over basicly. I was wondering where she was going with this, but then she mentioned how my younger brother could have that gen too, because my stepdad is his father, and the gen gets passed on and on. Well atleast there is a chance that it does. The chance to get a heart failure is quite high before your twenties, and since my brother is just 15, it worries me a bit.

    But anyway, to keep it short and perhaps easier to understand. My stepdad has the gen, and because my younger brother is his son there is a high possiblity that he has that same gen aswell.

    They'll get tested next Thursday, it's possible that my stepdad will get a pacemaker, as every since he knows that he is a bearer of the gen he's rather worried. Then my younger brother if he is the bearer of the gen has the choice to either get a pacemaker or not. But if he decides to take on, his whole life would basicly be nothing else but difficulties, he won't be able to play soccer anymore, something that he likes to do. School would become quite difficult, and you can't exactly go near electric equipment. That's isn't all however, but it does keep me busy and made me look at how my younger and I used to spend time with eachother. It saddened me quite a bit, that we haven't really been spending quality time together anymore, we used to play hide and seek all the time, lol! xD Play videogames, or play some soccer together when we were a bit younger. I'd just would like that he knows he's important, and means alot to me. Even though he can be annoying at times. XD!

    But bearing this whole situation in mind, I also have a girl who I love and care about, but she left. I can't freaking explain myself, before all kinds of assumptions and accusations fly through the air. Originally, I would've gone home, earlier from my Mom, but when she told me about my younger brother and his step dad, I wanted to stay longer. I'm sure that's understandable. But then, all kinds of people leave me, more importantly she left me. So, what now? I know that it isn't for certain that my younger brother has the gen, but still... Do I have to ignore the possiblity? Don't really would like to lose him. But, I don't want to lose my girl either.

    This whole situation does my head in, it's stressful, and painful. What am I to do? Can't ever make a decision that wouldn't upset a side? My decision wasn't respected, nor understood. I tried to text my girl, but nothing. It's not like I'm leaving her, or that she sank in my list of priorities. She's still number one on my list of priorities. However, the possibility of my brother carrying that gen, made him alot more important too, couldn't afford to lose him.

    Well these are my worries at the moment, advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and my apologies aswell, if I offended anyone in my message. This was by no means my intention, or my goal in the first place.

    Thank you for reading
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    I agree with you here your girl should be more understanding of your situation not be so selfish. I think perhaps is she does not come around to see that you were supporting your family that perhaps she is not the right person maybe to stay with. I hope things work out between you but if it does not then it is time to move on to someone who can understand family needs will be there and of course you would want to give them support. take care
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    Thank you for your response, Violet. You are quite right, I guess. Perhaps she isn't the right person afterall. x_x Well, I'll try to talk things out if possible and see where it leads us to. Although moving on isn't exactly easy, if she has been the only person you've basicly been conversing with. Nontheless you have my thanks.
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    My brother has been through the test, and is a carrier of the said gene. (DPP6)
    I'll see if I can post a little bit of information about it later. It's quite hard to find good information about it.
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    Hey Krow,
    I think your family should come first..If your girl can't understand that then she is very selfish..Like Violet said maybe it's time to look elsewhere... I'm sure your girlfriend will see her mistake when you start seeing someone else.. Be there for your dad and brother.. Who knows how much time they might have left.. So quality time is important..
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    Start seeing someone else? You mean other than the four other girls he was seeing when he was dating me? Sorry but I've had enough of you conveniently leaving out important details when you write threads involving me, Krow, making people take your side and say bad things about me because you've presented your one-sided story. I don't like you, infact, I pretty much hate you, and you know why I don't like you staying at your mothers for a long time (for everyone else.. lets just say when he's at his mums he thinks its fair game to completely ignore me and engage in sexual discussions with other girls he may or may not be dating at the time).

    I don't care if I get warned for creating drama or whatever. I won't stand by and have you portray me as a bad person because I had a bad reaction to the way you cheated and two(four)-timed me over the course of our two year piece-of-shit, based-on-lies relationship. I'll leave the site if I have to, because I will not sit back and watch you act like the saint you most certainly aren't and fool people into falling for your bunch of bullshit.