Stripping, prostitution, adultery & feminism

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  1. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    (When I say "stripping", I mean any and all kinds of adult, erotic shows. The laws are not global, and I know this.)

    In places where prostitution and stripping is illegal, it's more often than not because of religious grounds, or because women are forced into it. Any person with even half of a working brain would see that half of that is sensible, while the other half is not so at all.

    But some women and men are not forced into it. They may be desperate, or they may see nothing wrong with it. Perhaps even their libido is far greater than their sense of shame and decency, that they enjoy it. Two consenting adults should be able to have sex in whatever way they please, as long as it's private. This, all people should know (But this is not a thread about homosexuality, BDSM, and other "abnormal, ungodly perversions", that's beating a dead horse.) And yet, we criminalise it. There is no reason for it. Both parties are willing. The product is not addictive, nor, if protection is used, damaging. The seller is not being forced. Punishing for an act where all parties agree to the terms and no party is being harmed.. It's absurd.

    'specially when we consider that with us "civilised" cultures, adultery is not punishable. Sure, it's ground for a divorce, but cheating on your spouse is not illegal. A breach of contract, emotionally harming an individual.. And yet, it's more acceptable than removing your clothes and rubbing up against a metal pole. Is it because people are so unfaithful, we can't be bothered to uphold laws that punish it? Or is it because we're doing it ourselves, and don't wish to be punished for our own deeds? I see far more reason to make adultery illegal, than prostitution or stripping.

    And then, backing up this nonsense, we have some feminists. Yes, equality of genders is all nice and good, although some of you seem more intent on the "Men: Evil rapist murderers. Women: Godly amazon queens" idea than actual equality. But, to the topic at hand. The idea that it's demeaning to women is stupid. If the woman accepts to do the things she's doing, who are you to stop her? How will her methods of income demean an entire gender? And, no, in 2-party prostitution, there are no bodies being sold. Just like a massage therapist is not selling his body, a prostitute is not selling her. Both put in physical effort, both get paid, both involve flesh-to-flesh contact. But suddenly when it's sex, it's demeaning. And, perhaps it should be noted, maybe it's possibly relevant, but women are not the only strippers, nor the only *****s.

    Now, I think I know, however, why you think an entire gender is judged on the actions of the few. It's what many of your own do- Judging men because of what some do. But, as anyone with more than half a working brain can tell you, such thinking is stupid^3.

    Now, of course, this argument is not to be taken WHEN someone is being forced. That, for obvious reasons, should be illegal, and punished severely. The stories of women captured, beaten, and raped into submission, and then sold.. Those with any amount of empathy will be disgusted by it. But, as horrid as that is, there are those who perform their acts willingly.

    And, making it legal would actually help those who were forced. If the government were to get taxes from this, make it an honest, if disgraceful, field of work. There'd be laws regarding it, there'd be written contracts. Maybe make it so that they'd need a licence, which'd show STD statuses, and a way to know who're being forced, for in order to get said licence, you'd need to prove you're not being forced. Of course, it'd need to be discrete, so that the *****s would actually use them, and the buyers would, too, for many people would feel shame if it were known what they do. Something akin to the doctor-patient confidentiality. Having it illegal puts the *****s in harm's way, and makes it harder for them to seek help. Not to mention that finding those who're being forced is immensely harder. But, hey, the image of a "good, decent(, Christian) nation" is far more important than saving the young women forced into *****dom, right?

    Note that, while I will speak for these subjects, I am personally against any form of casual sex, and would rather have the few whom I care about be immolated than have them get paid for sex, even if it was only once and for large sums of money. But, personal tastes are irrelevant to reasoning, logic, and law. All rules, while based on justice, equality, and kindness, should be followed forth with uncaring neutrality.

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
  2. Kemra

    Kemra Well-Known Member

    My personal opinion is our society is close-minded to the point of self destructiveness when it comes to sex outside certain parameters. Mainstream relgions have dictated 'laws' and 'rules' for the past 2,000 years, governments and ruling classes have enforced these laws in some cases to extremes where women have been stoned to death for adultery.

    We're slowly waking up from this enforced ignorance, yes, ignorance, not morality. There is nothing immoral about sex or the naked human body unless it is non consensual or not safe. I agree, its about time laws were changed and re-written to be reasonable, protect the individual and have nothing at all to do with religious 'morals'.
  3. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Well-Known Member

    Most people don't know this but exchanging money for sexual favours is not illegal per se, most people would just think it is because brothels and other 'surrounding activities' are.

    I've happily heard nothing from anyone yelling about that being so or about strip clubs or even feminism for a long time.
  4. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I could see right from the beginning that you don't like sex stuff...which is kind of ironic since your going on about how dare the world judge, when you just do the same in some of the sentences you say....

    as for me, sex just like anything is a form of expression, of showing affection and sometimes some people only get it from prostitution, or stripteasing...

    there's this program for the handicapped where women get appointments with a handicapped and so they can have sex or a mark of affection romance....because most people think that because they are handicap they don't have any kind of intimacy....and not all can date or have a partner...

    so I do agree that they should legalize it like in Amsterdam....but I don't agree with your mean words and judgments...
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