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  1. Dance4Life

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    Stuck in a world,
    Stuck in between
    Can't forget all thats happened
    And all that I've seen
    Want to be happy
    But where can I start?
    Because the things in my head
    Tear me slowly apart
    How can I began
    To come out of this pain?
    My heart is in pieces
    Every day is a strain
    My soul is battered
    My insides bruised
    I feel empty, lonely
    Sad and used.
    But I will survive this
    I will move on
    I'll live this thing called life
    Even when it feels wrong
    I cannot give up
    I cannot give in
    Because then I've failed
    And he will win.
    So I'll hold my head up
    With a smile of my best
    I'll struggle on here
    Until I can go to rest
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    :heart: Nice poem :)
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