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  1. Jaded

    Jaded Member

    I've been without any drugs since 18th june now. i mostly took them just recreationally but not many days went past without havin a spliff or 2

    last time i did class a's i ended up poisoning myself and that scared the hell outta me. i thought i was gonna die, i threw up so much blood. but i survived and swore off drugs for life. they just aint worth the risk.

    or are they? i started to question it now. before i always thought they were worth the risk because, deep down, i didnt really contemplate there being a risk. id talk seriously about what could happen but i thought it'd never happen to me.
    thing is, people risk their lives to do things they enjoy all the time. i see people sunbathing and i do it too....even though we know it increases the risk of cancer which is slow and painful, and kills many.

    i dont wanna get sick again, i really dont wanna go through that again, but its hard to resist i mean i wish id never taken drugs in the first place because if you've never taken them u dont know what you're missing..... i know what im missing and i ache for it back. i know cannabis isnt that harmful but if i started smokin that i dont think id be able to draw the line there i think id have to go on....

    i guess i just needed to write, to get it out, i need to feel strong and i need to feel that theres more to life than drugs and i need to once again start enjoying lifes natural highs....

    thing is im going to a dance event tomorrow nite and i know i'll stay off drugs (usually pills, or speed) coz im driving but it will be hard to see all my friends doing it...but if i have my car i can just leave. at the end of this month though im going to a proper rave... all-nighter in london....cant drive there.... i know im gonna do pills i know i am there aint a hope in hell i'll be able to go and not do them. i just really dont want to... im so scared....
  2. Maybe you should just not go?
  3. Jaded

    Jaded Member

    because i cant keep avoiding life. theres only so much of lookin at 4 walls u can take
  4. louies77

    louies77 Member

    Hello Jaded,

    These are the common symptoms, when you try to get rid of addiction not only substance abuse addictions but also every addiction. Because addictions starts get control over our mind and body, when you try to get rid of them they act like this and will give us depression and stress.

    Addiction is a powerful influence that links to impulses, cravings, withdrawals, etc. Addiction is the state or quality of becoming addicted to a particular substance, chemical, etc. Addictions often stem from compulsive needs, which become habit-forming. The person might become addicted to heroin, nicotine, alcohol, sex, pornography, relationships, drugs, etc, or else have an additive personality. The addiction is often characterized by tolerance and well-definedphysiologicalsymptoms, especially upon withdrawal.

    When you have an addiction problem, it is often difficult to seek help, since the addiction is controlling your body and mind. It is important that you realize that addiction is a habit; therefore, if you start the process of adhering to healthier habits you have a chance of fighting and winning your addiction.

    If you are feeling depressed, it is often coming from the helplessness you feel from being the slave of addiction. To fight this disease you will need strength of character and a purpose to live.


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