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    Last few days and today in particular. Seemed pointless to even get out of bed today - just wanted to be asleep so I didn't have to feel anything. I don't even know what is wrong - last few weeks an underlying panic that I can ignore for sustained periods but when I am not busy it is harder. Not sad or depressed or even the usual cyclical crash - just panic I can't place and do not know what to do with. Not even just a feeling but a physical reaction - elevated heart rate, hard to breathe, tears. Any time I am not concentrating on keeping a lid on it. If I could figure out what it is I think I would feel better, even if I can't get rid of it. Understanding what or why would be better than this. At least then I'd know where to start with tackling it.

    No idea what I'm expecting anyone to say - but if anyone has anything profound or insightful - or anyone has any helpful suggestions - I am all ears. (Eyes).
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    I am sorry hun you are so anxious i too keep busy so my mind does not go to dark places Is there anything that could have triggered the anxiety hun. A visitor work unexpected plans

    No matter hun to get rid of anxiety sometimes just keeping active helps even if you do not know cause. Activity keeping your mind busy like you are doing until the feeling decreases hugs to you
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    When I felt that way, it was my thyroid, so please get a medical check up if it continues...there are sometimes underlying causes that we tend to ignore because we have a history of other things...much caring