Struggling Emotionally

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    Been struggling emotionally. Trying to just get through but feeling more down and irritable. Even though my husband was off yesterday from work, I ended up crying for no reason. Today, I'm irritable and tired. I had to get some of our grass mowed before the office where I lived did force mowing and charge us $50. I would have finished it but the batteries to our mower died so I had to stop to charge the batteries. My husband will get the rest tonight. I kept twisting ankles too while mowing - so frustrated but it's fine now. Plus, my kids fighting and arguing hasn't helped how I feel. On top of everything, I'm struggling to eat much of anything. Morning sickness is back. Hoping the baby is getting enough food from me. I may need to go out soon to get fresh fruit. I see my nutritionist on Thursday. I saw her last week. My weight didn't change. She said as long as I'm not losing weight, I'm good. Afraid now, I may have lost some. I will know on Thursday. So hungry but nauseous every time I eat. Hope today gets better .
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    Hi @brknsilence Have you tried drinking a drink with ginger such as ginger ale(not alcohol)? That does help with nausea. Yeah go out and get fresh fruit, your baby needs the vitamins and so do you. I'm sorry you are struggling and know you are struggling a lot but I believe in you, I believe you will get to where you want to be, hope you can get a good rest once your husband gets home.
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    brknsilence "Keep Moving Forward"-Meet The Robinsons movie

    I tried hot ginger tea. Helps some. Ginger ale doesn't help much. My ankle was starting to hurt yesterday so I couldn't go anywhere to get food. Still hurts and really need to get the rest of the yard done. We are so far behind on things at home. We got laundry to do, cleaning, yard, groceries, and my husband has been working a lot, so I been having to get the stuff done even with my ankle hurting. Also, starting to get more Braxton Hicks contractions. Trying to take it easy but so much needs to be done. Getting the kids to help is a task in itself. Not sleeping well at night either. Been so uncomfortable and the nausea :( Just so miserable