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  1. afraidoflife

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    I have some problems with my paranoid schizophrenia and asperger syndrome. I take some medications against psychosis, and I think they make me ill. I have problems with my heart and full anxiety when I lay in bed. Also I have some confusion and delusions. I have taken this specific medication for over 1 year. But the medication comes in capsule form, which means I am supposed to eat a grand meal before taking the capsule, elsewise it wont have the full effect on an empty stummach. But I cant eat so early in the morning and 8 pm is too late for me to eat as I eat early afternoon usually. I feel like the doctor thinks this is right medication, because I havent been admitted for over a year but this is only about enduring for my part. Every day is a challenge and God is not there for me. Not Jesus either. I have everything on my own shoulders, and I have gone past the limit for what I can handle and I need to end this suffering but I think im too weak to get the courage to end it. So im stuck in the enduring and hopelessness, and God dont care at all.
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    Have you told the doctor the problem you're having with your medication? :hug:
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    Hi hun so hard for you i understand My girl suffers to like you do. Hun please talk to your doctor ok tell him the medication is not working so well so he can help you by changing the meds ok get you on something that does work. It is not hopeless hun i promise you that with right medication you can be whomever you want to be. It takes awhile hun until your doctor can get the right combination of medication that will help stabilize you. My girl is now going back to college hun but it took years of trial and error with her meds You will be ok hun
    You keep talking to us here ok I do understand hun how hard it is for you but just know hun there is hope ok hugs
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