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    Next weekend I move home after 3 years at uni. My first year was pretty much hell. Hated every minute of it. Then I moved in with one of my good friends from home (C) and her housemates from halls. One is a bitch, and the other is my saviour (L) - she has helped me achieve so much, to get well on the way to being the person I want to be. Without her and my friend, I wouldn't be here. This year we had an addidtion to our house in the form of K.

    L left on tuesday. And I cant stop the pain inside. I am being constantly reminded of how we wont live together again. stupid things like the stuff she has left behind. Im not the only one, C and K have been doing the same. I hate being here without her.

    At the moment she is miles away on hols. I have text a few times and she says how she wishes she was on hol with us lot. Im struggling at the mo as K has gone away until thurs as well. Then next weekend is the last time C, K and I will be together.

    I dont know how i am going to adjust to being at home again. I have amazing friends at home. But im scared of losing the relationship I have with these people at uni. I miss them all so much and its not properly over yet.
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    ive turned to alcohol and chocolate. Not the answer i know, but makes me feel better - oh wait - it doesnt.