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  1. takencontrol

    takencontrol Well-Known Member

    where to start ?? its fair to say ive been up and down like a rollercoaster lately and been really struggling to keep it together, but i really thought i was starting to get on top of things and actually looking forward to starting therapy with my psychologist. unfortunately my kids had other ideas and the shit has hit the fan big time. i had managed to regain control and things at home had settled down after having over a year of behaviour problems with my 15 yr old, but she never stays 'ok' for long. the long and short of it is; ive had enough of being verbally abused, spat on and sworn at by a 15yr old and its time for either, her to behave and show some respect, get out of my home, or put me in an early grave. i have 3 other kids at home and a husband who prefers to be at work than deal with family issues. well its like this; i cannot and will not take this shite life anymore; things must change or i will have to take action. im useless, no one will miss me all i do is make things worse.
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh i am still on that road you are on my 22 year old god love her same old stuff. I can tell you with age they do settle some not as distructive but your daughter needs helpokay. You need help to get seperate therapist if you must but get help okay. You should not have to fight this alone you reach out to the mental health system and tell them that you need help NOW I do feel you frustration and you exhaustion but don't give up on you or her okay It will take time and energy but you need to be heard. take her hospital and tell them to help her and don't leave until they do. xxxxxooooo
  3. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    suicide is not your only way to deal with the situation

    honestly, tazering her might not be the most mature or responsible way to deal with the problem, but it would be much better than killing yourself

    have you had input from a therapist about what to do?

    you could always just leave for a few days when you've had enough.

    I wonder if your daughter could go to juvenile detention for what she has done (it is assault after all, and she would go to jail if she did it to a stranger), or could you put her up for adoption?

    I guess some family therapy and working things out would be the best thing, but just about anything is better than killing yourself.
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I'm not generally in favor of "old school" child rearing, but if you've really exhausted all other reasonable possibilities, I would say just slap the crap out of her if she does this again
  5. sdcg76

    sdcg76 Member

    Is there another family member that she could stay with at least for a little while? I'm going through the same thing with my 15 year old son and I'm about to ship him off to his dad and I can't wait! I know some people think it's mean, cruel, or harsh but you do have to think about yourself too! Yes we love our kids but we have to live for ourselves too, IMO:wink:
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