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Im really struggling. Have been for a few days. Was hoping I'd start to feel better but I'm going in the opposite direction. At the very least I want to self harm but I really want to end this. Been fighting it as hard as I can but don't think I can do it anymore.

Asked the staff at the refuge if I could talk to someone. No-one had any time and now they've all gone home for the weekend. Don't know why it upsets me - don't expect anyone to have any time for me anyway.

Don't know what to do or who to turn to xx


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:hug: What's bothering you? Anything in particular? I know I get depressed for what seems like no reason at all. Constantly. So I understand if you don't know! Just spill your guts out :hug: :heart:

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If you need someone to talk to call the crisis team they are very nice people they are good listeners and give you good advice too - Its worth a try and its confidential. Take care Ali
I have no idea. Never do. It's always like mood gets lower and lower for no reason at all. So tired of it. Even if I hang on and get through it this time it'll happen over and over again. Can't deal with it anymore xx

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If you haven't got a crisis number then google it I found them better to talk to than the samaritans, also keep communicating here it takes your mind off bad thoughts. Good luck and really do talk to someone when things become too bad as it is so difficult to do it on your own. Regards Ali

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I have just had a look on google and it wasn't very helpful - sorry. I got the phone number from the psych that I am under. Just don't let your self become isolated as it doesn't help your feelings as they cascade all over the place. Sorry I cannot help more but there is always the samaritans I think I just had a crap one once but I have also had a good experience from calling them. It does take a lot of courage but talking does help - good luck
Unfortunately I only have Internet access on my phone at the mo so can't go into chat. Just sat and chatted to one of the other women here - just about general stuff but at least I wasn't on my own for a while. Back in my room now though so have started texting the Samaritans xx
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