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  1. Hey guys

    I havnt self harmed since last October but im finding it really,really hard to keep it locked up and to not give in.
    There is an older guy that im attracted to (im 20 he's 49) and he happens to be my boss of all people. Just last week i found out that he is leaving and it hurts so much. I have had these sorts of things happen on other older men before and every single one of them has walked out of my life. But i dont know what im going to do with my feelings coz i cant tell him how i feel coz hes married. All i want to do is cry and take my feelings out on myself. I just dont want him to leave =(
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    Hi Iv done my time,


    I wish I knew what to do in a complex situation like this. I guess if that happened to me, people I know would tell me to leave this matter alone and not open up about how I truly feel since.. well.. the person you're interested in is married :( Easier said than done... :(

    Best wishes,

  3. Yeah thats it, i would like nothing else in the world than to tell him how i feel but i cant
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