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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Lyllian, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Lyllian

    Lyllian New Member

    I walked in on my husband (20 yrs marriage), touching my granddaughter (12 yrs old), in an inappropriate way...She told me he has done this since she has been here, about 20 times already and she would freeze each time and was afraid to say anything....
    This is a very long story....My granddaughter was given to us by the courts since last year...She has been in our custody..My daughter cannot get her back yet...The cops have come, along with social workers etc...My husband is the only soul provider, I do not work, I am 60 years old...If they put my granddaughter in foster care, my daughter WILL commit suicide, she will not be able to handle this...I am waiting for an accident settlement from my husband so I can leave...the family services have left my granddaughter in our home, because she does not want to go to foster care, and because we would be out on the streets.... but in return...I have to constantly watch her like a hawk..go by the bathroom each time she goes, sleep IN HER room...and have my eyes constantly on her...Cannot leave her alone once.....So much pressure!
    She will be home here for the summer...I don't drive (bad eyesight), I don't work, I have NO money...husband keeps everything....I am in my own home...a prison....If I go to a shelter, they take my granddaughter, and I loose absolutely EVERYTHING in our home....
    To top this off, I also have our grandson who is almost 20 living with us...he is graduating high school through a college program in our city, and he works part time at a major appliance/hardware store.... He is transgendered and has his own major problems...My hope is to move from where i live to another city about 1,000 miles away....We lived in that city for 4 years...and my grandson and I want to move back...He can get alot of support and help from the transgender community there......It is very hard on him too....He so does not want to be in this situation and wants to start his heart goes out to him....
    The moneys I am talking about, in order to give us our freedom can even take up to a year. :(
    I am so out of it...don't know what to long I have to wait...I have no family that I have contact with...only online friends...SO I see absolutely no immediate solutions to this problem..Online friends are great, but not when you have major issues such as one wants to hear about your problems.....I am TOTALLY ALONE...ABSOLUTELY ALONE...I cannot talk to my daughter...she is bipolar and does drugs at times....My grandson has his own problems...and my P husband is without empathy to say the least.....
    I am with so much emotion right many feelings, and head swims at 90 miles an hour...I just need to be able to handle this...I need friends...I need so much understanding, and comprehension..its just way TOO hard!!!!!!
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Do what is best for the CHILD. I think you know what that means.
  3. Lyllian

    Lyllian New Member

    I am sorry, but I cannot play guessing games...Could you please be more specific?
  4. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Just had a nephew whos just been caught playing with my 7yro.I only have mostly online friends too.Also just through this weekend ive had to try and find out if the exs new hubby was doing this too been very emotionally draining so i do know where you are coming from.You say you were in 20yrs of marriage as he is the molester he needs to move from the dwelling you guys are in.You and your grand daughter have a right to be safe.If shes hitting drugs at this age also you need to get her help as my oldest daughter isnt far from this age yet i m worried about childhood depression in her.You have heaps of support here too and care please keep posting i will think more of how i can help.Take care
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