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  1. I have been together with my partner 8 years stuck in a relationship that i cant escape from.Around 5 years ago i was cheated on by the OH and had to find out in the worst possible way seeing it.Since that day i have not felt any emotions at all its hard to live with since i have tryed to make her go away but still i dont have freedom believe me i have tryed everything you can think of.

    Being together is one thing forced to wed the person aswell i dont see the point i just cant escape this it gets me down most of the time.
  2. cult logic

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    Why can't you just dump her?

    She can't force you to stay.
  3. Right U R Ken

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    No you haven't. How can you even say this if you're still in a relationship you claim you don't want? You haven't tried at all.
  4. not that simple i have tryed all forms of making her go away none work its like she is attached to me to my the 8 years i have been so smothered i have not had half a day away from her drive me crazy everywhere i go everything i do she is there.

    I figured in the end just to play along im fed up trying to get rid of her as i own the house myself.Ive tryed everything that normally makes them go away even making it look as im cheating on her still nothing.
  5. cult logic

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    Did you try straight up breaking it off?

    I can't see how that wouldn't work.
  6. mdmefontaine

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    divorce, and separation and breaking up, are all legal in the u.k. just sayin.

    u.s. too (where i live) just went through a divorce.

    you never have to stay with anyone you don't want to stay with.

    perhaps you are frozen, feeling stuck and unable to make the next move? many of us get like that.

    keep talking about your situation and your feelings. . . . start believing the truth. you do not ever have to stay in a relationship you do not want to be in.
    wishing you the best hon
  7. I have tryed it many times it dont work its either a fear of being alone she hates or that she dont want to leave because she has it better here than her parents place its childish that she would want to stay after i broke it off but never works for me, its complicated really but its a problem none the less.
  8. Right U R Ken

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    You're with her because YOU want to be. Either do something about it or stop complaining.
  9. do you know me?do you even understand?maybe i wasnt clear enough I HAVE TRYED EVERYTHING TO GET HER TO LEAVE if it worked think i would be complaining??????
  10. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    No you haven't. If you wanted to get rid of her you would have been able to by now. You've put more effort into complaining here then you have in getting rid of her. The fact remains, you don't want to. The proof that you haven't tried everything is the fact that you're still together. Anyone that really wants to break up with someone actually can. You just don't really want to break up with her.
  11. wibble

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    Death Dies Hard: What exactly is it she does which means you can't drop her? Is she violent, do you have kids with her, give us some context mate.

    When I split up with Steph, who was my Fiance (and ended up being pregnant to someone else), I simply used the words:

    "Fuck off and don't come back"

    Simple, to the point and it can't be misinterpreted.