Stuck Like A Mothafuck

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I'm 19 years old. And I've had jobs before and everything, its just now I can't get one.

A couple years ago, when I was 17, I ran away from my group home, and I left with NOTHING. No birth certificate, no Soc. Sec. card, no nothing.

And I went around the US bsiin......tryin not to get caught.....(getting robbed/beat up numerous times in the process)

until i finally moved in w/ my mom. who I just met when i moved in.

She threatens every day almost to kick me out....
because i dont have a job. But....i have no ID!!!!!

so im trying to get my signature notarized so i can send out for my B.C....which is in California, and im in Indianapolis.....but im in a catch 22. they wont let me notarize my sig. without ID. ???????????????????

Never graduated high school, tho i came close....never graduated because i ran away from the group home.

So im wondering what i should do....cuz its like im stuck...i do the Saaaaaaaaaaaaame **** every day. sleep all day, stay up all night....doing NOTHING. and im tired of it. I could sell weed/crack....because im in that type of neighborhood....but i dont have a gun in case i get robbed, and i dont want to go to jail for a lil bit of money. And I dont have the money to put it on deck in the first place anyway. wondering what i should do.....

i would like to go to college......and graduate high school.....but i HAVE to get a job soon, so its like i gotta put my wants on hold.....i wish i COULD go to school.....i heard about the FAFSA and the grants for former foster kids....

but it seems like i dont have that oppurtunity.

And....i dont really know what my careers going to be anyway.....i mean, im good at a couple irrelavent skills.....

like i can draw pretty well, i can write pretty well...but thats basically it, besides hip-hop, which is an unrealisticdream anyway, and isnt getting me anywhere right now.

Any advice on how to become unstuck?


Wow, I definately sympathize with you predicament; it must be very stressful! I've never been in foster care so I don't know much of anything about it, but I will try to throw you some ideas. Can you go back to the foster care agency-or call them-and ask for you social or id? You can still go back to high school if you're only 19, or you can get your GED-classes are at the local community college where I live, but it's probably different in your town. If your mom will pay for you to get your high school diploma, go back now. Will she help you get your id and social? If you explain the situation to her, and how bad you feel about everything, maybe she will help you out. Sometimes its easier for an adult to get these types of things than a teen because, in general, people trust adults more. I will try to think of more ideas for you. Maybe somebody else on the forum has some ideas also. Best of luck!
thanks for taking the time to read/give advice.

yeah i would like to go back to school.....but they talkin about i need to get a job. and plus i have no car/money for the bus.

i could ask my mom to get that stuff for me...convince her if she wants me out that bad she should help me at least get a job to do it.

and plus......fuck ima have to go back to HIGH SCHOOL...i mean which is fun....but people always wanna fight....

and as soon as i just let someone slide for talkin shit to be labeled as weak.....smfh....

fuck.....oh well....gotta do what u gotta do


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If you choose to go back to high school, would you be able to pick the high school or no? It depends on where you live doesn't it? Your saying that your high school is really bad, that they have fights there all the time?
I would say that its a good idea really for you to get a high school diploma/GED and I KNOW you can do it, thats one thing you don't have to worry about.


there is always the military, i know if i fuck up in school and dont graduate im going to iraq


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Thanks for understanding and sorry again
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