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    Why am I stuck in denial. I know the facts. I haven't got mad at the situation. I haven't really cried about it. Im Trying to justify this persons actions, to make them ok in my, i guess my soft heart and nieve side. Which is rediculious. I pick it apart, but no matter how many different ways I think about it, or which angle I look at it, its all there. The lies, the manipulation big ass red flags! I really got my ass handed to me on a silver platter. I did get the platter back by a freaking miracle. I just want to let it go. And learn my lesson. And never think about it ever again. If my friend was still alive she would have slapped some since into me a long time ago. God I miss my friend so much.
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    I want love so bad that I have lowered my standards to nothing. I feel ashamed of that. And hopefully i learned I deserve better. And I know I do deserve better. I hope i find someone that is understanding of my destroyed trust issues. I'm going to write out promises to myself. And pin then on my refrigerator. Oh and write out red flags in red marker.
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    We all make mistakes, don't be so mad about it. It's a very good thing that you know you deserve better:)
    And you know what? you will find a nice person and build your trust little by little because you do deserve it.
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    That's Part of my problem, I haven't gotten mad. I want to get angry and detach. I feel if I don't have the anger I'm making the anguish last longer. I have accepted that the relationship is over in every possible way. Its about what they did. How they went about it.
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    Everyone could fall for such a trap, don't feel bad. The people who do those things know just what buttons to push to get you to fall for it... you were in love, and love makes us blind. That's a biological thing; when we fall for someone we dismiss all their faults and that's what happened to you too, and someone took advantage.
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