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How do you get past the feeling of being stuck? Stuck in a place I don't want to be in, stuck with people who don't want to be near me, and stuck doing stuff that doesn't make me happy?

What goals do you guys have, and what are you doing to to make them happen?

I'll start. I want to live in London and go to see shows all the time, because they make me happy, and they help me to dream.


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Hey CS,

I'm not sure how to get over being stuck. For me, I seem to get stuck for a bit, then for no reason I can perceive, things go okay again until I'm back being stuck. I'd be interested to see how this thread develops.

Stuck in a place - I was stuck in Australia, and there wasn't a big thing that made me move, but ended up in London (to go to all those shows that I haven't got around to seeing yet!). Moving places made things come unstuck for a bit, but even in London I still get stuck with the same sorts of ideas and thoughts and repititions.

Stuck with people - I don't know - I go through stages of hiding away from everyone and then wanting to do everything with them. I guess I've used travelling as a way of meeting new people in the hopes of becoming unstuck, but eventually, even those people will become friends who at times I won't want to know.

Stuck doing stuff you don't enjoy - maybe try a few different things to see what it is you DO enjoy? I don't really know what I enjoy, and try different things to see what will stick. I always wanted to learn how to dance, but never got around to learning until about a year ago when happenstance meant I met someone who was doing salsa lessons and I've been going ever since and loving it. Maybe you can think of some things you DO enjoy and see if there are clubs etc around where you can do what you enjoy with others (and that might change the being stuck with people thing?)

Of course all of this is just random suggestions that I have no idea if will work or not.

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