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student bullies

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My family has always teased and embarrassed me a lot. My relationships have been abusive. This is an uncommon thing to admit, but some of my students bully me. They say horribly abusive things that I could never say to them and they do not stopped when asked. If I get at all upset, raise my voice in frustration or try to assign a normal consequence they lash out at me.


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This happened to me the whole time I was a student. Try going to a guidance counselor and complaining...just find some kind of authority to complain too, they might be able to help. Wish I did that as a kid.


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r u a teacher by any chance?
cause its a sad fact of being a teacher especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods or any place with social tensions, its ur job to be polite and not hit them....its not theirs and the more unsure what theirs is, the more prone to misbehaving
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