stuff i written over the past 2 yrs

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    shes hurting so bad it almost seems unreal
    is it impossible for a person to hurt this bad?
    is this pain for real or is she living in a dream
    she cant hide her pain anymore
    she tries but its to hard
    she wants to be happy
    she wants to be like everyone else
    why does she have to be the one to always hurt?
    she wants to feel no more pain.
    its slowly killing her

    i hate her
    hate her for being alive
    for being in my life
    i trusted her
    she lied to me
    i was close to her
    she hurt me
    i wish she would die
    i wish i would die
    i hate her
    she was my only friend
    she was my best friend
    i want her to die
    i want her to hurt like i am
    she needs to feel pain

    if i died would u notice?
    would you care?
    im just a nobody
    ive faded away
    im only here to hurt
    i want to escape the pain
    anything to make it stop
    im crying for help
    no one hears
    no one cares

    shes just a nobody
    a reject a loner
    she just wants to be accepted
    shes burining inside
    reaching for help
    just to be hurt again
    she finds no point in being alive
    she wonders why cant she be like them
    thier all happy
    thier all accepted

    she hurt me
    i lost everything to her
    i cant wait til she dies
    how can they do this to me
    they all know i want to die
    why would they leave me to hurt
    they know i want help
    they know i need help
    no one to run to
    no one to go to
    no way of help
    when i die itll be thier fault
    for not helping me
    for leaving me to hurt
    no reason for me to stay
    im ready to die
    to leave this place behind me

    she lost her only reason to live
    lost the only one that made her happy
    he promised hed never hurt her
    he know how much she needs him
    if it wasnt for him shed be dead
    shes hurt, crushed, broken, lost, scared
    he ment the world to her
    he was her savior
    she couldve been lying on the floor dead
    but he came around and helped her
    what will she do without him
    when will she stop crying
    hes gone
    how will she move on?

    ok theres alot more but im too lazy right now lol ill type more if i get a chance later :)
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    They're all raw and straightforward expressions, I enjoyed them
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