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Stuff is going downhill


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Just need to rant, like really bad. I got a new friend at school, she is really nice, or at least she was. Thats my ONLY friend. I dont talk to anybody else, and I dont hang out with anybody else. Neither does she. I am starting to realize that she isnt that nice. She is very toxic, and is competetive in EVERY situation that you can imagine. She brings me down in the smallest ways possieble, just to put herself higher up. It can be stuff like ”your previous school is shit, it sucks and ive heard bad things about it overall”. After saying stuff like that she’ll go” i went to a private english school and it was the best, it really prepared me for highschool”. Idk, am i overreacting? I have no one else and she is the only one i have. But if this is how our friendship will go on then sorry, girl im rather alone that w you :( i just cant take the crap. Im sorry.


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Hey, you say she is bringing you down, if you feel that way factually if you think about it then it is best to part ways. You will find new friends, they will come, they will go, the right ones will stick by you and stand by your side. You do not need this person giving you all this grief and upset, you will and can find friends that appreciate you just the way you are and not try to over ride you every time they can.

You deserve better *hug
@Champagne is right - if this person is making you feel bad and is generally being toxic, it is probably best to move on. You deserve better friends and you can find them - if this person is bringing you down or making you feel bad, it is best to move on.

I hope you can feel better soon and I hope you can find some better friends. Sending hugs *hug.

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