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I have spent all of today being bashed and bullied for my gender identity. A person who I was very good friends with in secondary school but haven't spoken to in nearly 3 years has today decided they want to kick things up.

It all started from a picture I posted on facebook, she then decided to pick at me for feeling like a man, slagging me off no end and generally being a heartless cow. After she had done this she picked out everything from my past, stuff im not proud off and brought back old memories that upset me very much.

I was already feeling incredibly low and dysphoric about myself, and this has just pushed me onto the edge. It sounds like a petty thing to push me, but it hurt so much.

I can't deal with all this stress and I am so fucking close to ending it right now it's unreal. I feel as if there is nothing to stop me from doing it, it would be so easy. I have so many methods available to me...

I'm scared of what I could do right now.

Well, maybe not scared. I really do want out now.


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Hi Sam,

What your ex-friend did to you angers me to no end!

Totally classless...

Hope you feel better soon. She doesn't deserve to talk to you, hurt you, or judge you like this. :hug:

Take care,



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Sam honey please dont pay any attention to narrow minded bigots. I know those are strong words but they need to be said. Sometimes when people who have grown up with us realise how we have changed they become frightened. It could be that she back then believed you were alike and now shes pushing away to prove shes not. She should be so lucky as to be like u ! Ive spoken to you alot in chat you are a good decent loveable person. Please dont take these things to heart. The people causeing the trouble arent worth it not at all. HUGS XX


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I sometimes think meeting people from the past is nothing but aggro.
They always seem to remember the shit things you do and never any of the good, and of course they can't wait to rake it all up again. :dry:

Don't let this person have this power.
You are not the person you were then, and I bet they're not some saintly soul either.

Look at it this way, you don't ever have to see this bugger again, they are nothing to you and seriously, could you really careless that some arsehole thinks badly of you?

Put them back where they belong, in the past!

Hang out with some people who care about you, that will help offset the negative vibes from the meeting with this nasty piece of work.


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codicil: Never, ever, ever, let someone do this to you.

You should have told them a few home truths, cos am betting they have a few flaws and defects that you could have slung back.

Should you have the bad luck to bump into this **** again, tell them, in no uncertain terms to "FUCK OFF!"


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Thank you for all the positive comments guys;

I'm just stuck in this place, wanting out.

I don't want to be here anymore.


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Sam, she has no right to talk to you like that! You are so way better than to listen to someone who can stoop so low.

You have more people that respect and understand your gender issues than she can argue against. Sometimes it's all to easy to take in the bad stuff and forget the good. Many people love you for who you are and don't give a damn who you're not - your ex friend isn't one of these.

I hope you can remember the good stuff Sam, always here for you. :hug:

And don't forget you're the better person because you'd never do or say what she has, you're too mature for that.


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Sam remember what me and Blake said on the photo hun. That girl is a narrow minded individual. We whooped her ass. I showed my Benny what she put and then what I wrote to her and he was absoultely disgusted that someone could be so callous and said what I wrote is so true. I hope all the other c**ts that have bothered you read what me amd Blake wrote on the photo to show how narrow minded they are. I keep saying that these people are not worth fucking shit. Please dont let them destroy you. I wub you Sammy please keep positive regardless you handsome, handsome man!!!!


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I commented on your picture and mean it all from the bottom of my heart. You're an amazing person, Sam, and don't let other people knock you down. You're finally making progress in your life and DON'T let bitches like her knock you back down to step one. She's made out of 100% ignorance and bigotry. You, on the other hand, are made out of awesomeness.
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