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I have had lots to think about these last few days.

I came back from Glasgow to hear a good friend had been in a car crash, and I didn't know what to do. He is still alive but wrote off his car, and I haven't seen him yet but he was in work today so I am assuming he is well.

Then my bf gets all fucking touchy saying I fancy him..And he is in his 50's.. Come on!!! Am I not allowed friends, and to care about people?!?

I just feel lost, and I am bored of failing all the time. And this is getting expensive, but I know I will get it right, I just need the time..

I have been attempting since around the age of 14, so maybe I really do fail at everything.. :cry:


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I don't see it as a failure.. I see it as a victory that you are still with us..Are you getting any professional help?? It can make a difference in how you feel.. The answer to your question is yes you deserve to have friends.. Stand up and tell your boyfriend that you are able to have friends and he needs to quit being so jealous..Maybe you should quit telling him about what goes on at work.. I think you are very careing to wonder how your friend is doing after his accident..

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Hun use the time and energy of doing things special for YOU okay do something that will bring excited to you something you have always wanted to try to do okay You deserve that attention hugs
I am not getting professional help, tried that. It made me so much worse..

I have hardly enough energy to type, and I am losing care for everything.. Arguing with those closest to me.. What next?...
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