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  1. Abacus21

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    Just a bit stressed out at the moment I guess.
    Have got various bits of coursework due in for December.

    Philosophy coursework: have done one piece, but need to re-work it slightly, and have started on the other 1200 word piece, but it's coming along irritatingly slowly - I started it Monday, haven't touched it the last couple of days, just because I haven't had the motivation, I guess. It's bloody irritating!

    German coursework: None of us have started a 1000 word piece that we've gotta do by the middle of February.
    We've also got a mock oral exam to prepare for, and get the topic for, research etc, by a couple of months..
    I know what I'm doing: Sterbehilfe - Euthanasia (we've gotta debate it).

    Computing coursework: I've gotta do bits like finish off my Excel sheet, do the write up for it, do tests on it, do a user manual on it.
    Also, in another module, continue on planning for this mythical brochure that we've gotta improve somehow.
    Plus I'm doing a resit in it in January.

    For History too, we'll have to do coursework at some point, even though it hasn't been spoken about it yet, and I'm doing a resit for that too, in January also.

    Plus various other bits of homework here and there..

    Went to a Samaritans info evening last night at my local branch - seems great, and even though I'm not 18 yet, I can still do the training from Jan - March, but won't be allowed on the phones etc, until May, when my 18th is..
    It's something that I really want to do, and feel I'd be good at, but at the precise moment, I wonder if I'd be good enough for it, with all this crap going on outside of it.

    Right, rant over! Might be back to add more to this later! :rant:
  2. goodluck with all the work joe, i no how coursework can really stress you out and take it out of you, be gentle with you :)
  3. Panther

    Panther Well-Known Member

    that's cool that you're wanting to do stuff for the Samaritans, but I wouldn't advise you start until all your exams and stuff are over, my opinion anyways.

    good luck with the coursework mate.

  4. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Aye, I agree with you Andy with the Samaritans..

    All I'd be doing is the actual training from Jan to March - I couldn't start actually being on the phones etc, until May - by which time my exams will be in full swing - but they finish in June. :)
  5. Melancholy

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    :sad: Ouch!

    I know how you feel...I take it you're in your last year? I'm doing a ridiculous number of resits in January as well, and coursework just adds to the stress. So...if you ever want a rant about the massive amounts of work this year, I'm happy to listen and agree whole heartedly :laugh:

  6. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Yup, in A2..

    Thanks Lauren, much appreciated :hug:
  7. vbuk

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    hey you! you can and you will get through it - i know you will and i know you know you will - deep inside.

    You will be fab working for the samaritans - you help so many people and im so proud that your going to be helping so many more.

    one thing that got me through my exams and coursework...lists! i listed everything i needed to do and crossed it off as i went along. set yourself goals...'by the end of the week i want to have achieved this...' seeing the work getting crossed off and the list getting shorter (i think) is a good motivation. the end will be in sight. and make sure u take breaks.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! i will always always tell u that cos i believe u have the potential to go so so far hun.

    you know where i am if u ever need to rant or just want a virtual hug!

    you rock!

    Clare xxx
  8. danni

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    hey joe i know its hard for you for hw but i want you to know if u need help with the work i can help :hug:
  9. Queen_Akasha

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    It's an admirable thing that you want to do work for the Samaritans, but like riverbank suggested, I think it'd be best to wait with the actual work until after your exams.
    I hope your stress and workload will get less soon!
  10. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    seems like you have a lot on your plate. I know you can do it, as you are one tough cookie. Hang in there Joe. Oh an the samaritans thing, that's really cool of you to do. It's very admirable.

    Stay sane joe, if it becomes too much take a breather