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    ok this proply just a bit of a rant....
    stuped school they have made a total mess of both mine and my brothers timetables my brothers is simple to fix he just needs to change his subjects over mine how ever.... i have a bunch of subjects over laping so have to decide what i want to take i am been forced to decide between art and grapics and i REALLY want to take both and i have ended up in a chemistry class i really dont like chemistry so idk im not very happy about it. alot of people had major classhes so yea im not really sure me and mum are going to go talk to the school tomorrow but idk ill proply just be told that i have to chose between the 2 :( this is really anoying so idk how the hack im gana take both classes at the same time lol i may be able to take one of them at a diffrent time but proply not :{ ahhhhh sorry guys im just a little anoyed about this...
    anyway i shall work it out
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    I hope it works out for you if not chose the class t hat will bring you the most enjoyment then take the other class maybe in a evening course outside of school time take care
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    could you take one of the classes after school?? sorry to hear they messed it up :/
  4. justmeonlyme

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    ITS ALL SORTED im going to be taking 2 classes of each at the normal time and make up the other 2 in my study classes :D so i get to take both and no chemestry :D so its all sorted we had to wait 30mins for the dean lol she is always running late lol but then when she finaly got there she was a big help and we talked to the grapics and textiles teachers so i was all sorted. you cant even emagine how much of a relif this is i no its silly how worked up a got but school is a big thing for me.