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Stupid bitch!

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Stupid Fucking Stupid Bitch

How Dare You Try And Do Good Things

How Dare You Fucking Try And Stem Something You Saw As Potentially Nasty

You Know Full Fucking Well That You Are The Nasty Evil One, That Anything You Do Fails, Or Causes More Fucking Trauma

Fuck Off And Stop Trying To 'help' People Becuase We All Know It Doesnt Help, It Just Makes Them Fucking Worse

Stupid Fucking Bitch


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See Your Name? That's What You Are


Scum Of The Earth


You Need To Die

Stop Fucking Up The Planet By Being Around

Should Have Taken That Od Earlier Like You Wanted

Why Didnt You?

Well, 1, You Are Too Fucking Selfish

2, You Are Already Dying Anyway

You Know That

Keep Doing What You Are Doing And You Will Get There

It Wont Be Long

All The Signs Are Pointing

Keep It Up


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Thanks, but I'm fine.

It is best if I am dead, and every single person who knows me knows that to be true and is doing their best to help me get there. Trust me, it's the right thing


Well you have our attention.You feel angry? Good let it out.You feel useless? HAH is what i say.Nobody is.I no you have more to scream so do it.Scum is what collects on the surface of a still body of water.Your a human being loved and needed by others.You think your better off dead? You are sadly mistaken.WE need you.WE want to help you.Let us.


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Scum *hugs* we were just talking yesterday and I think you're as great person, please don't hurt yourself, you say that everyone who knows you thinks you should be dead, but everyone here has gotten to know you over the last few days and I for one am sure you have a great life ahead of you.

Please don't throw in the towel, we're all rooting for you here.

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