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Stupid boy troubles...

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So, my situation is:
I broke up with my boyfriend because he was flirting with other girls and calling a bunch of other girls as well. I looked up "symptoms" of a player, and they matched up. I'll list a few, and if you know any as well, tell me, so I'm not so gullible next time.

-Canceled plans at last minute frequently
-Didn't call me by my name on text, just- babe, hon, honey, etc
-Only asked about what I was doing, didn't reveal anything about himself
-A history of short lived and hasty relationships
-Asked if I'd let him kiss me, or if we could hold hands; how close we could get
-A bunch of friends on facebook that are girls, mostly saying that they miss him, or they feel like strangers
-Told me he could drive, that he had a pool, showing off the material things he had
-Told me I was the "prettiest girl in the world" and he had to point out that he only likes me
-Says that all the girls he flirts with are just friends
-He'd go for days without contacting me at all, and then suddenly text me 24/7.
Any other "dead giveaways"? I feel really stupid for falling for that guy.


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Er... i think this depends on the person. Alot of those slide either way. Too be honest some of those could be considered very sweet.

:( im not knocking your situation. Im sure you know and feel the truth for your situation. and I'm really sorry to hear about it. But... for future relationships. Dont let those be alarm bells. It's a balance between advances and control, and that sorta openness between two people that helps you understand who a person is. Blah. Just an opinon.

:hug: hope youre ok in anycase. Good on you for looking after yourself.
It was sweet, but...he absolutely showered me with them; it was out of control. He was telling me he loved me within the first week we dated, when I hardly knew him.
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