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    This isn't that much of a rant by the sounds of it.. I'm more frustrated than I sound.

    My boyfriend and I are on completely random schedules. We're never fully up at the same time. We sleep at completely random hours for completely random amounts of time. This is due to nothing happening in our lives, frustration, depression. All that fun stuff.

    Anyway I have sleeping problems. I wouldn't call myself a true insomniac, but I'll be up for 24 hours at a time more than once a week to try to get my schedule back on track. I am really trying hard now (I decided this a couple of weeks ago) to get on a schedule and eat better (they go hand in hand) to try to feel better in general.

    But this damn computer. At night they say to turn even your alarm clock away from you so the light doesn't screw up the melatonin. When it's night and I'm trying to sleep, I sleep horribly when my boyfriend is on this thing. It floods the room with light. When one is on this and the other is sleeping we have to have a fan on high to drown out the typing. It works for him and he has no problem with the light but it just fucks with me so bad. Even with the fan on I have to sleep with a pillow over my head and try to curl up in a way to block out the light.

    It just hit me that this isn't fair to myself. That one of the steps I should be taking towards a mentally healthier life is good sleep.. correct sleep. No more 14 hours of sleeping, get on schedule, go to bed within the same hour, wake up no matter how bad I don't want to within the same hour. I woke up at 3 am today after falling asleep at around 10 (with sleeping pills of course) because of the light from the computer. Couldn't fall back asleep.

    I waited until my grumpy half asleepness had passed to tell him I want to move the computer to the garage. I don't think he took me seriously. I explained about melatonin. He just shrugged it off and rolled his eyes (not literally, but he probably forgot about it by now). People who can sleep just fine don't realize how horribly frustrating sleeping problems are. We would just move it to the living room but we live with my mom and her boyfriend.. and I hate being on a computer even if I'm not up to no good when people can see what I'm doing. I know he does too.

    But really, it's either I move in the garage or the computer does. I don't think I'm going to wait for him to give the ok. I refuse to move into the garage because I hate spiders. Or I would.

    There is no way to move it so the light doesn't flood the room.. and even if there was there's still the noise. I have also tried getting us both on the same sleeping schedule.. not ever going to work.