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Stupid emotions.

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Aaah!, these feelings are driving me insane.
I feel so ashamed to tell my story. So many other people on the forums, going through far worse things than me.
Crying every day now, battling my sadness.
I'm such a worthless pile of sh*t.
Oh god! I feel so stupid. Fighting so hard is just so draining.

Need those virtual hugs badly.


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KC, if your problems seem small when you read others issues that doesn't make yours less significant. We all walk in different shoes. Our problems are our problems, they cripple us or we overcome them. I've got one crippling me right now and an outsider would look at me and think I'm fine.


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:hug: Everyone's problems are important. If it's something that's hurting you or bringing you down, then obviously it matters a lot. You have nothing to be ashamed of, and I hope you'll consider telling your story whenever you're ready, so we can be here to support you.


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Don't think your problems don't matter.. We're all here for different reasons and none are less than others..Take care!!:old::arms:

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I often say those words to hun dam emotions but it is better to let the pain and sadness out hun try not to drink too much okay it only increase the sadness hugs instead come here and talk okay we will listen
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