Stupid family.. could trigger I doubt it.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Falcon0006, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Falcon0006

    Falcon0006 Well-Known Member

    I can't cope with my family , and our history's and everything. Sometimes i feel like whenever i start to get better they hold me back whenever i try to make an effort they tell me im fucking it up. My whole family were depressed when i was born , so i put on a happy face and tried to make them feel better, i did well in school i tried my best.

    even though my mum would shout at me all the time for stupid nothings, and tell me im gonna be worthless i still never stopped loving her, and even though my brothers would complain all the time about their lives, i wouldnt think of them any differently.

    So after all this me keeping happy and not getting fucked of by their stupid parenting and Stupid brothers, and neglectful father who hadnt said a word to me directly till i was about 9, and even then it was usually saying i was fat or stupid, or whatever.

    but that's not the point. Even after their depressed and stuff and as a child i tried to put up with it, at 15 i finally become depressed and now im the worst being in the world. They say I've gotta get better, and they hate me, they throw even more insults at me. So I broke down and told them everything, how shit i felt about all this stuff, and they say im being too complainy, and compare it to their lives.

    I see other families, the way they raise their children, the way your meant to be in attitude social, and im nothing like that, I kept it in when i was young because i thought it was the right thing to do, i didnt want to have a mental breakdown at the age of 7. It feels like because i made a bad judgement at a young age I've got to deal with it for the rest of my life.

    Its unfair. Its just plain and simple unfair. Even if i'd broke down when i was little who knows what the fuck would of happened. And now im a boring depressed teenager, honestly. Im the most boring person in the world and it suffocates me, because my sense of humour has gone.

    My mum feels that im using my depression as an excuse, and my personality disorders because i don't want to work or am too lazy. It fucks me of so much. My mum openly admits having a bad relationship with my dad, and if we don't insult my dad she gets really offended. she told me she dosent love him hardly anymore. The rest of my family insult him all the time, but he was beaten up every single day of his life by his family and at school, So I can see why he's so messed up. But.. still its inhumane to treat your own flesh and blood like that if you decided to make them flesh and blood.

    but what im trying to say basically is,

    I helped my mum and brothers through depression (who are all older then me), so why wont they help me? Usually I find all they can do is patronize me. its so degrading, why cant they help me rather then say all this fucking stupid stuff.
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    Well let me tell you that there are more disturbed families than happyones. And sadly, lots of parents presssure their childs for them to not make the same mistakes. Sometimes parents suck more than we thought, and we smack ourself against a wall when we look for help with them, but it worths to try....have you told them how sad u are bcause you`re not working?or how sad makes you feel the fact of her putting you in the middle of her and your father?
    sometimss you just need someone to talk to, and thats why we are here^^
  3. April

    April Member

    Hi Falcon

    Im 18 and had a freak out when i was younger, it wouldnt have helped.

    In not going to say that my family is worse or that shit but you will be rid of them soon. One of the things that helped me in the past was my job. I was able to talk to loads of people and it taught me to hide the crying. Maybe i was lucky with my job but you might be aswell.

    My mother was depressed and tried to kill herself when she was younger. I know she had more valid reasons then me, I just hate my father. Each time i forgive him he manages to fuck me over once again. I can see where your coming from with your family ignoring your problem.

    My best mate wanted to kill herself and her mother was "How dare you, after the life i gave you" or her brother "your just so selfish" but recently his girlfriend admitted to trying to kill herself, this changed his perspective of suicidal thoughts.

    How much longer have you got of school before you can escape? With luck i will leave in a few months. . . .and work in Tesco without luck. Add me on msn if you want to chat. It would help me to talk aswell

    This Be The Verse:

    They fuck you up your mom and dad
    They may not mean to but they do
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra just for you

    But they were fucked up in their own turn
    By men in old style hats and coats
    Who half the time were sloopy stern
    And half at one anothera throats

    Man hands on misery to man
    It deepens like a coastal shelf
    Get out as early as you can
    And dont have any kids yourself
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