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stupid health trust

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wild rabbit

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i made a complaint against my health trust due to stupid appointment system, which was upheld. In it i pointed out how they record if you cancel appointments it allows staff to read into it anything they like.

so they proved my point by not upholding the second half of my complaint because i didnt attend an appointment in december.

that would be the appointment cancelled by the cpn in november because she brought my appointment forward?

And the cpn who phoned me in may, the one i have never met, who only left a voicemail and never chased me up, thats monitoring my medication is it?

the fact the only reason they knew i wasnt on my meds was i told them in the complaint i made?

the fact i made the complaint because i had to pay £10.60 for a printout of my bloodtests to take from the gp to the shrink in november because they didnt communicate at all, and that it turned out they were the wrong results?

and they expect me to take a medication that could kill me without monitoring, becaue i had to tell the gp when to test my blood, when previously theshrink used to just give me blood test forms and tell me when to go, marking the forms properly in advance for me?

and why do these letters always come on a saturday when you can phone no one to put them straight?
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