Stupid Migraine Auras!

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  1. Acy

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    Have been having a flurry of migraine auras. Thank goodness I'm not getting a headache with each one, but damn the visuals are annoying on their own!
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    I am so sorry Acy, I am unfortunately overly familiar with these. There are some prophylactic meds that can really help a lot with the auras even if not with the headache and typically are very low dosages- pm and I will give you some things you can ask primary physician about - I have visual auras, voice speech problems, and numbness/mild paralysis on sometimes that are all assorted auras - the visual are by far the most annoying in daily life.. :hug:
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    I too can relate, having the better part of a decade of constant migraines to have me fill my quota for five lifetimes. There are certain medications out there which can really help, such as Imagran, which is designed to stop a migraine as soon as you feel one coming on as well as Panadeine Forte (the best pain killer outside morphine) but otherwise, based on my own experiences, it is often the things you are most allergic to that can trigger migraines or visual disorientation 'auros' right before a migraine grabs you. It can be anything from the acid in fruit (damned limes -,-) to heat/cold to sensitivity to electric waves in the atmosphere caused by any television, computer, mobile phone, radio et cetera. The safest you can do is just check with your G.P. about them and see what, if any, advice they can give you.

    Take one :bubbles: and call me in the morning.

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  4. Acy

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    Thanks NYJmp and Leif. I've tried Imitrex and such and can't tolerate it.

    I get into modes of flurries of multiple, persistent, daily auras (including the visuals, the tingling, assorted speech difficulties). The worst (and touch wood - hasn't happened in a long time) was sudden dizziness followed by vomiting, but no headache to give me a clue that it was migraine-related. The auras are annoying on their own, but that's about it - annoying.

    If I get a headache, I can usually take a heavy duty painkiller and use loads of ice wraps and simply wait it out. I've had migraines for over 35 years. Not used to them - does one ever get that good at having them? - but no longer surprised. Just annoyed by the persistent auras.